A TeaCup Orchid On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and I am searching for something special for my teacher – I know everyone sends roses and bouquets for valentines but I want something unique for my teacher – because she had been helping a lot in my Math.  You see I have been having trouble with my math and my teacher – sat down to help me out and taught me so patiently.  Mama found this orchid in a tea cup and I really, really liked it – hopefully, we order it and send it to my teacher in time for Valentine’s Day.  I’m very sure she would like this very much.

I Love This Game

This game is called the Little Big Planet – and I love this game – and been playing with daddy every Sunday and any chance I get.   I don’t play a lot of games – just when daddy is home with me on Sunday or on days the store don’t have to be opened.  But mama – she doesn’t play games – she just cooks for me and clean the house.

Being Creative

Whenever I come back from school – I get bored very quickly – so I find stuff to do – like play with my play-doh and make pizza or food for mama and daddy to eat.  Otherwise, i would play with my blocks and make aeroplanes and castles with them.  Sometimes, I play Trouble or Hangman with mama – but before we head home everyday – i need to read my story books from school and practice my sight words with mama.

Jasmine’s 4th Birthday

I was invited to Jasmine’s birthday today – and it was at Macdonald’s – I was very happy – because I liked Macdonald’s very much.  There were lots of kids at Jasmine’s birthday – and some I already know them from a long time ago.

This is my big friend Iyona – she is very pretty eh.

We were all very good  – and colored while waiting for our food and games to play with.

We were coloring our own party hats.

There is Sarah – my longest friend – mama and papa are friends with Sarah’s parents.

They had face painting and Shaleigh was getting her face painted and Carly was waiting for her turn with her mama – she was very shy.

Then it was my turn to get my face painted but I don’t wanna have my face painted but only my hands.

Here’s Jessica – she had her hand painted too – with a rainbow.

Heres a picture of all of us who attended Jasmine’s birthday party except Carly  – she was still very shy by the end of the party.

And here is us playing a game of passing around the present – and Jasmine won the present – what a bummer !

And here’s me playing the same game.

And a piece of cake from Macdonald’s – I didn’t have the meal because I already had lunch – i had a piece of cake and some fries and chocolate milk.  Thank you for inviting me – Jasmine.

My Mama Loves Oily Food!

See the garlic bread?  my mama loves to eat them – the more garlic spread the better and of course they have to be toasted and crusty.  Mama loves to eat her oily stuff – even her mee saim and laksa are quite oily as well.  But don’t you worry – because mama can take the real  hoodia diet pills , she heard that if she really want to lose some weight – she can use the ones that is from Africa and was recommended some good diet pills too.   As you can see – mama loves good food and she have a food blog to prove it – therefore, she definitely need to either need to exercise a lot or she needs some very strong diet pills – or she is going to be obese.

Thank You, Aunty Shirley!

Auntie Shirley sent a box of stuff for me and mama during Christmas and in the box was a water bottle just for me.  Auntie Shirley must know that we have problems getting a water bottle that is light as well as with a cap – so she remembered it – she is so kind right?  Mama said we don’t know how to repay Auntie Shirley – but I wanna say Thank you – Auntie Shirley !  I’m so grateful for the bottle – because I am using it now.

We Love Desserts!

Love my ice cream?  so does mama – this french vanilla ice cream was so good – mama had to try some – and after trying it – she ate someone.  Mama said good thing she started exercising and maybe she can even try on some  new diet pills to see if it would help bring down more weight because of her indulgence.  But I’ve also started helping mama lose weight by asking her to play ball with me – or play tag.  I always tell her to “come catch me!” and she does ! she would pretend she is a zombie and run after me and my friends – and i’m sure that helps to burn some fats and lose some weight too right?  Mama wants to eat healthy too – but once in a while – it’s ok to share some ice cream with me right?

My Daddy’s Tummy – Soooo Comfy !

My daddy’s tummy is Soooooo… comfy!  we were eating at a restaurant and waiting for my dessert – so i laid down on my daddy’s tummy and took a snooze.  I love my daddy’s tummy!!  and I love my daddy! Mama is very happy that I’m so closed with daddy – she made sure that daddy takes an interest in whatever I do – and she makes every opportunity to put daddy first in my life.  Mama said – this is because her daddy never took an interest in them when they were kids – so she didn’t want daddy to miss out on all the cute moments of me growing up.

No Spicy Food For Me

My mommy loves spicy food – look at the bowl of noodles and you can see how much chilli there was in this bowl of noodles called laksa from mama’s hometown.  Mama needs to eat chilli with everything – even her wanton soup from Mr Zhu’s.  Mr Zhu’s staff always remembers to give mama a little container of chilli with everything she orders – no wonder mama sometimes have an explosion of acne and pimples.  Mama said it’s a good thing that I don’t like spicy stuff – I said no way – else I’ll have to get the  best acne treatment for my face – and I want to be a princess remember?  I can’t afford to have acne or pimples – I need flawless skin.  Mama laughed and said that sometimes people who don’t eat spicy food also can get pimples and acne – so it’s important to clean our face properly.  So from now onwards – mama shouldn’t eat too much spicy food – which she said she can’t – so she better get some really good acne cream.