Sophia’s Birthday Party

It was my friend’s Sophia birthday party yesterday and this is me – preparing her gift bag.  This is a recycle bag from Wicker’s Emporium – and all I did was decorate the bag – and wrote Sophia’s name on it – so mama don’t have to go to the dollar store and get a gift bag for $1.  I want to do my part for the earth too.  I had a blast at the birthday party and lots of gift from Sophia’s grandmother – they were awesome host.

Treasure Boxes Event

Mama and I are going for the Tri-County Multi-cultural Festival – Treasure Box event tonight with all our friends.  I am very excited – hopefully I can get to buy some goodies and mama can get some good stuff too.  There are food, games and entertainment at the event and mama told daddy she wanted some  cash advance just in case there is something she wanted to buy.  I asked daddy for some cash advance too – from my pocket money – maybe there is something I want to buy too but daddy said that children don’t need cash advances – cash advances are for responsible adults – because mama can’t have any pocket money next week – because she got some cash advance already this week.  Hahah!!!  money can’t buy anything next week then.

Valentine’s Day Present From Sarah

Sarah and her mummy came by the store on Valentine’s Day – to send me a bag of gifts – they are always so nice to me – their friendship to our entire family is definitely beyond what we expect.  In the gift back – a t-shirt from Please Mum was in it – i love it!

There is also this lighted bear – so cute!

Chocolates of course!

More chocolates!

And a bumble bee !  thank you so much Sarah and your mama and daddy – you are too good to me – mama said.  I am very blessed with your friendship.  Mama hope that Sarah and I will be BFF!

I’m A French Fries Monster

I love my french fries!  give me french fries everyday and I’ll eat all of them – but mama doesn’t like it when i only eat my french fries and not eat my fish.  So they make me have the fish first and then i can have my french fries – but french fries when cold is not good – so i take a mouthful of fish and then eat a few french fries.  Mama who reads a lot about diet pill reviews told me that french fries can make me put on a lot of weight and she doesn’t want me to have to go on a diet later or take diet pills to help me to keep my weight down.  So the plan is for me to eat lots of other things like fruits – fruits I like a lot.  But I told mama – that she must do the same too – because she reads up on the best diet pills with no side effects – so that she can get the best and help her lose some weight.  So mama promised me to eat healthy too – so that we both don’t have to take diet pills – plus mama has diabetes – so she definitely need to keep her weight down.

After School Program

I start my after school program today – and I was so excited about it – that I couldn’t eat my snack because I was so engrossed with playing.  I didn’t know where the after school program was – but my friend – who is in the same class as I – she showed me where.  This morning – I told mama that I won’t have to bother her at the store today – since I am going to my after school program – in which mama was shocked and explained to me – that I am not a bother – but sometimes they have work to do – and the store is full of customers.  I did enjoy my after school program – and asked mama if i can go every day – mama said I would have to wait and see.

Jervis Is 1 Month Old

Yesterday was Jervis one month old birthday – and we all went for his celebration at the chinese restaurant.  Jervis is Jessica and Jervin’s lil’ brother from the Chinese restaurant.  They had a lot of food  yesterday but mama didn’t eat a lot because firstly she already had dinner – and secondly she is on a diet – mama said she is getting fatter by the minute – is she gets any fatter – she is going to need the best weight loss supplement.   Daddy didn’t eat too much because he isn’t into a lot of  Chinese food – I brought my own graham crackers and chocolate milk and had a snack there for dinner at the restaurant was late – at 8.30pm.  Mama’s friends were also there – so they chatted and  I played with the kids there – I had so much fun and didn’t want to go to bed when I got home.

Mama Went To Her Spa Today

I followed mama to the spa today – she went to get her eyebrows shaped – she does it every now and then – and I love to go to the spa with her – because there are many pretty girls there and lots of beauty stuff to look at.  Today at the spa – there was a lady introducing a new product there – an acne solutions that work .  Mama doesn’t have any acne – but it was good for her to listen to it – because mama has friends who has acne – mama said that she can recommend her friends to come here to listen to the esthetician too.  So we stayed a  little longer – and mama brought some pamphlet of information back to the store to give out to those friends who needs acne help.

Mama Missed Her Appointment

Mama missed her appointment today at the spa for her  cellulite treatment because she was helping Mr Zhu from the Chinese restaurant to write a invitation letter for immigration for his brother.  She was so engrossed with getting the letter right – she only found out she missed her appointment when the spa called to ask if she wanted to change her appointment to another day.  Mama was so embarrassed because it wasn’t nice to make someone wait for her – plus she needed the cellulite treatment so she will look good for a wedding she is attending later this year.  Mama has a special dress made for the wedding – therefore, she cannot have cellulite she said.  Poor mama – hopefully tomorrow she can make it for her appointment.

Don’t They Know My Family Name ?

So we received a wedding invite in the mail today – and on it this was what it was written – only daddy is a Killam – not mama and I.  I asked mama why they wrote my name like that – so mama said – because daddy’s cousin don’t know if I am a Killam or not.  I asked daddy what does it mean – and daddy said – never mind.

Mama said that because daddy and her didn’t have a big wedding like daddy’s cousin – so they don’t know if they should call me a Killam or not – that’s silly mama said.  I asked mama why?  mama said because people with big wedding doesn’t mean that they will stay together – like one of daddy’s childhood friends – they have huge wedding and they are not together now.  Mama said that even though she almost lost her life – so that daddy’s family can have a kid to carry on the “killam” family name – it seems that no one wants to acknowledge us – so she should go to a lawyer and change my family name soon and then published it on Vanguard and mail it to all daddy’s friends and relative – muahahhahaha!!!  mama said people are just rude to think that I’m not a Killam – because on Sunday – Aunt Renette asked the same of mama at Sobeys – boy! was mama upset.  No wonder daddy tried to hide the wedding invitation from mama.

New Dining Room

Mama fixed up our dining room – so that we can all have our dinner and lunch together in the dining room – like normal people she said instead of ordering pizza or take outs and eating them in the tv room.  She said she can eat well –  burn belly fat when we are eating at home – with home cooked food – since we already eat out at the store everyday.   Mama is trying hard to lose weight – unlike Mr B – who just lost 23 pounds – in a month – just by not drinking pop and eating properly – mama said she need to do more than just that – she hardly will lose anything – if she didn’t get something to help her.  Mama got some stubborn fat – and she doesn’t want to be obese.