Jervis Is 1 Month Old

Yesterday was Jervis one month old birthday – and we all went for his celebration at the chinese restaurant.  Jervis is Jessica and Jervin’s lil’ brother from the Chinese restaurant.  They had a lot of food  yesterday but mama didn’t eat a lot because firstly she already had dinner – and secondly she is on a diet – mama said she is getting fatter by the minute – is she gets any fatter – she is going to need the best weight loss supplement.   Daddy didn’t eat too much because he isn’t into a lot of  Chinese food – I brought my own graham crackers and chocolate milk and had a snack there for dinner at the restaurant was late – at 8.30pm.  Mama’s friends were also there – so they chatted and  I played with the kids there – I had so much fun and didn’t want to go to bed when I got home.

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