I Puked 8 Times

I puked 8 times last night – woke up at 2.30am – puked in the bathroom – and then woke mama up.  Then I continued puking till 8 am in the morning.  Poor me – and poor mama and papa – they didn’t get any sleep at all.  In the morning, we all woke up late – daddy went to the store late – and I didn’t go to school today either.   I spent the day – lying in the sofa at the store – but mama wanted me to see a doctor – and got me an appointment with Dr Leahey – but because papa didn’t look too happy – so mama canceled it.   Luckily, I felt better and didn’t need to go to the emergency room – else mama would be really unhappy.

The Kid Who Doesn’t Sleep Enough

My mummy thinks I don’t get enough sleep – therefore I have dark circles under my eyes – and she said that while other people has eye bags – I have eye luggage.  So how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes ?  besides getting more than 9 hrs a day of sleep?  can kids use some kind of cream like the adults does?  or do I have to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies?  Of course, I don’t think they are important to me now – but my mummy thinks it is to get rid of those dark circles and she is asking everyone she knows what to do when you kid has dark circles under their eyes?  so if you know of a solution or something a kid can use – please drop my mummy a comment here.

Trip To Cape Fuchu

Last Sunday, we went on a trip to Cape Fushu to look for the giant chair there – but alas, it was windy and chilly but no giant chair.  Daddy said perhaps they put it away for the winter – I guess we have to come again during the summer or later in the spring.  What a bummer!  but at least we got to see the light house.

We didn’t stay long coz’ the wind was really cold and I had to cover myself really well. Another time Cape Fochu – we will come see you soon.

Business Lunch On A Sunday

We had a business lunch with one of the investors who was moving to town from mama’s hometown – and they had asked papa to take a look at a software for them to be implemented in their business.  It is called inetsoft performance management software and Papa took a look at it for them during their business lunch.  I don’t like it when Papa has to work on Sunday – but Mama said it’s to help out a friend who is moving here permanently.  So I said ok – and I tried to behave – I put on my disguise and tried to make everyone laugh during lunch because everyone was pretty serious about the software they were looking at.  It’s for making sure that your business runs smoothly and that everything from your inventory to sales report is there for pretending and presentation.  Papa’s verdict was – that it was a pretty good software from what he had seen so far – and if he had a business like Mama’s friends the investors – he too would use this software.   We had a good lunch – but a very lonnnnggg one.  Then we headed to the bowling alley to see Mr B and talked to Mr B about the investors.

Jesse Came To Play

My friend Jesse came to play with me yesterday – it was very nice of his mom to let him stay and play.  But Jesse got tired fast and he loves playing video games.  He wanted to stay longer but I had to have my lunch – so Jesse had to go home.  And then Jessica came to play for the day.  I’m so lucky I have so many friends to play with me during March break.

Keeping Scores @ Bowling Alley

I went bowling with daddy during March break – and I’m keeping score when daddy and mummy bowled.  Hopefully, Grammie and Aunt Helena can go bowling with us this weekend.  I love bowling – because I get to do something different and I get to spend time with mom and dad.  Mummy said bowling at home is different – and the bowls are a lot bigger and heavier.