Healthy Family

My mama wants me to stay healthy and active all the time – that is why I go to the after school program at school twice a week – on top of that , whenever I go visit my grammie – i play outside with her or with Aunt Helena.  I also help with the garden and I’m on my feet all the time.  But mama said that she has to stay healthy too – to keep up with me, so she uses what they called the colonoxy which takes out the toxin in her body – the bad stuff mama said. They are good stuff because it helps mama not to put on so much weight – which she is paranoid about since she is lazy sometimes to exercise – and headaches too.  So if you have headaches, gets tired easily or cannot poop – you should try that colon stuff that mama uses – she read that they were very effective and not expensive.

Junie B. Jones Books

I just got my Junie B. Jones books from school – mama ordered it for me from school but Grampie paid half of it – while mama and daddy paid the other half.  The whole series of Junie B. Jones books contains 27 books and I loved it so much.  I called grampie and thank him for the books and told him how much i loved the books.  I also chose a book for everyone in the family to read to me.  Everyone, including Uncle Richard has gotta read a book to me.  I also know how to read a lot of words therefore, I’m so in loved with my story books now.

I Helped Daddy At Work

I helped daddy at the store when I come back from school or during the weekends  – mama would tell me to water her plants – or I would dust the store and movies with a swiffer duster – and I’m pretty good at it.  Sometimes, when daddy is doing his inventory work – he would let me use the usb barcode scanner to scan the inventory into the computer.  It’s very easy – but I have to be careful not to scan stuff in twice.  I loved using the barcode scanner and daddy uses it for not only the store’s inventory but also when he needs to sell games on ebay.  All he needs to do is to use the barcode scanner and scan it – and all information is recorded down on the computer – it makes things so easy for daddy when  he is selling some discontinued games or rare games.   A few weeks ago – we had a power outage and the USB barcode scanner was fried – daddy was devastated – because he loves his barcode scanner – luckily for us Nova Scotia Power paid to replace the scanner – else daddy would have to do a lot more work than he needs to.

Movies With Jasmine

It’s Good Friday today and we are opened for business at the store as usual.  Daddy is a slave driver mama said.  We went for a movie with Jasmine and her mama – we watched Hop – EB the Easter Bunny! it was funnnnyy!! i liked the show – and Jasmine and I played in the Arcade before and after the show.  Jasmine’s mama picked us up from the store and sent us back – she was very nice.  I asked Jasmine to come play at the store for a bit – but i was being bad – and said Jasmine was a monster for messing up my toys – I was punished when i went home for being so mean to Jasmine.  Mama said I’m not allowed to ask anyone for a play date or to go to the back to play with me from now on.

Happy Easter Everyone !

Happy Easter everyone!!   I just finished delivering Easter eggs to my friends at school and teachers too – love my bunny costume?

Mama and daddy prepared a basket of eggs, chocolates, suckers for my friends and teachers in school – and I gave everything away on Friday.

Nail Polish For Kids

Mama went to Lawtons to buy me these nail polish that was used during the Princess Tea party.  These nail polish – shines and shimmer when it is out in the sun or when there are lights around.  It’s pretty and shiny and I liked it a lot.  They were on sale at Lawtons – for a buy one get one free – mama wanted me to give one bottle to my friends but I said no – coz’ they never say thank you for anything – so mama said it was up to me – *shrug*.

Trampoline Enclosure

Last year we bought a trampoline from a local yard sale but it didn’t come with an enclosure – so mama and daddy had been looking out for an enclosure at a reasonable price.  They check out Zellers and Walmart regularly and even online at connecticut jungle gyms –  all these places sells several outdoor swings, trampolines, sheds and swings accessories.  Daddy is always on a look out for stuff for my outdoor playground that are on sale for good prices.  I loved my trampoline and jumped on it often during the summer but I’m a bit scared to jump on it very high – plus if my friends come and play with me – we don’t want them to get hurt either – so an enclosure will be good for this summer – so that I can enjoy myself on the trampoline with my friends.

Easter Bunny With Glasses

I’m beginning to suspect that Easter Bunnies are not real and they do not bring me chocolate.  We were at the Farmer’s market last week and there is this person dressed up as Easter bunny – but he has glasses on!  Easter Bunnies do not have glasses right?  So Landon was right?  that Easter bunnies are not reallllllllllllllll!!!?????  Wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Road Trip To Halifax

We had planned to go on a road trip to Halifax on Saturday – but mama got sick and I had rashes/hives – so we had to postpone the trip.  But we are all set to go – our RV all checked and  rv towing numbers on hand – in case we encounter any problems on the road.  So maybe if we are all healthy by next week – we can do our road trip next week.  I’m excited because this is my first road trip on an RV – but mama said that all Westerners go on road trips all the time – and I shouldn’t be too surprised if we do it more often now.  Did you know that we have a tv and dvd machine in our RV – also we have a microwave oven and we can sleep in it – or play games – while daddy drives.  But we are going with another family – so we can have company and papa and our friend can take turns to drive.  Maybe next time Grampie can come too – since it’s an RV and not just a car.  Maybe, I can stand on top of the RV like the guys from Amazing race.