Renting A Movie

My daddy’s store is probably one of the last ones in town and many people come and rent movies from us all day long – 7 days a week.  But as you can see the movie shelves are very tall and some people like mama – who are not so tall – cannot reach the top shelves.  So mama said it is time to get some metal step stools because the plastic ones that we have – the customers don’t like it – because it is not safe.  Some are afraid that the plastic stool – because they are bigger people – and mama herself said she doesn’t feel safe.  So daddy must get some metal step stools for the customers and mama and of course Gary now – who helps to clean stuff when he is around and free to visit.   I like the two steps ones – because I can climb on it and put movies back for mama when she is busy – I can’t wait for the metal step stools to come.

Swimming @ Delta Barrington Hotel Halifax

A few days ago – we were at the Delta Barrington Halifax to stay for the long weekend.  The room that they had upgraded us was a suite room and I loved it but I loved the pool more – but they didn’t have a hot tub like the Sheraton Hotel.   But since I loved swimming it didn’t matter much – and mama swam with me this time because there was no one in the pool to play with me.  Daddy refused to swim – and I don’t know why.

We swam in the morning after breakfast – for 2 mornings that we were staying there and it’s too short – but that’s the only free time we can afford to go to the city.  Maybe in the summer – daddy said he might bring me back to the hotel again –  but this time mama wants to stay at another hotel or at the Sheraton that I also liked a lot.

Pins For The Store’s Anniversary

Our town is celebrating its 250 yrs and this was one of the lapel pins that they’ve ordered – I’ve heard that they had more than 5000 lapel pins ordered for the town – and the deputy mayor had come into daddy’s store to give us each one.  Very nice of him eh and this gave daddy the idea to make some lapel pins for our store’s anniversary this year.   Everyone loves lapel pins and I know some of my friends collect lapel pins as a hobby.  It would be nice to see everyone wearing a lapel pin in this town – plus – it can help promote daddy’s business.  So now we are looking for a place that makes this lapel pins at a good price and then we can order a few hundred to begin with and make sure everyone in this town has one – so everyone in this town will come visit our store and we will make lots of money.   Good business sense eh?  papa said I have great ideas.

Present From Godma Lynn

Guess who visited me last weekend?  it was Godma Lynn from Toronto – she was working in Moncton and drove all the way to visit me – but she was sick – so we didn’t get to play.  But she didn’t bring me presents – a Hannah Montana roll up bed and a jacket for spring and fall.

This is the jacket from Godma Lynn and it fitted me! woohoo!  too bad Godma Lynn was only here for a day – hopefully, she will come back for more days during the summer.

I Was Sick Even Though

I avoided hugging or going too near to Godma Lynn when she visited but guess what – I got sick even though – I tried everything to keep healthy.   So on Sunday I was sick and on Monday I stayed at the store with mama and daddy – and I was feeling better and bored.  So daddy said – I should have gone to school.

I’m Growing OUtta My Clothes

While most people grow into their clothes – I’m growing outta mine.   This was from my Kai Mah (godma in Chinese) from Singapore and it used to be too big for me – and now you see – I’m too big for the dress.  I do love this dress – but soon I will have to give my dress away so that someone else can wear it and look pretty in them.   I guess mama is right – I’m a big gal now.

Flossing Is Fun

Flossing can be fun – if you floss like me – I never like flossing before but now I flossed my teeth every night like a good girl.  Mama said it’s important because then I don’t have to get rotting teeth and visit the dentist and be put to sleep.   I used to be afraid of flossing because I was afraid it might hurt – but truth be told – it doesn’t hurt at all.  So every night mama and daddy make sure I floss my teeth – sometimes, I am lazy and I ask mama to floss my teeth for me.

I Want A New Computer

I’ve had my desktop since I was 4 yrs old and now that I’m 7 years old – I should have a new desktop – you would think?  Mama said – we should look out for cheap desktops when we go shopping for electronics with daddy at the mall – they have a place there that sells some really cool gadgets and computers.  I like going there – because there are so much toys I can play with – while daddy looks for his wires, cables or anything interesting.  Mama said desktops are very cheap now – so I don’t need to get a hands me down – we can buy a cheap one when they are at good prices that we can afford – mama doesn’t believed in overspending at all.    Can’t wait to get my new computer – and my old one?  I’m going to sell it at daddy’s store and then mama said I can have the money put in my bank.  Woo hoo!!  new computer and money in the bank – you can’t beat that can you?

Cute Jervin

Jervin is Jessica’s brother – and mama was the first one to see him come out to this world because mama was there when Mrs Zhu gave birth to me at the hospital.  Now Jervin is almost 2 years old – look how cute he is.   I like to play with Jervin a lot but he doesn’t like strangers too much.  This was taken on Easter 2011 at the church during our Easter hunt.  Hopefully, when he is older – we can play together and he won’t be so shy eh.