Happy Birthday Kai Mah!

Tomorrow is my Kai Mah’s birthday – she is in Singapore.  Mama and I sent her some flowers and asked Auntie Alice to buy something for Kai Mah.

The one on the right is from me – and the one on the left is from Auntie Alice.  Thank you Auntie Alice for helping us with the present!   I’m grateful and blessed to have Kai Mah Lina as my godmother – she is a wonderful Godmother!  Happy birthday, Kai mah!

Saving Up For College

So we went out shopping today – since it was the weekend.  We didn’t get to go to the farmer’s market because we had to open the store first and wait for Lynette and Josh to call or come into the store to get us.  But alas, they didn’t come – so we went shopping instead.  But mama said we can’t spend too much money – coz’ we need to save up for my college fund – but I told her that it is alright – if we don’t have much money to send me to England for college – I can go to university online like my cousins – and get a degree – in which mama said – smart mouth!

But really, my cousins did get a degree online and they all have good jobs and they are all married and they all said that online university are good because they had their babies before they got their degrees and it allowed them to take care of their babies while earning a degree.  But mama said I still have to save up for university – even if I took a degree online – so I could only buy one toy and one dress.

School Trip

We went to the park for our school trip and Macdonald’s and mama came along with us – the whole time! whoohooo!!  I played with my friends and friends from another class and they were so nice to me.  I had so much fun – but we walked a lot – but I liked it.  I had the mcnugget happy meal with chocolate milk and mama got me a sundae – thanks to my teacher – Mrs OB – for treating us at Macdonald’s.

These are my friends from school – they brought their Monster High dolls to the park.

Art & Craft @ Home

Mama bought me this art smock for the summer because I will be doing lots of art and craft at the store – and if it was up to her – she would have bought it for me earlier – she said.  I was making modeling clay – that mama bought for me – from Walmart and it was good to have this art smock – that way it doesn’t get stuck to my clothing.

I love my art smock!

Gift For My Teachers

We only have another week for school and my school year is ending.  Every year – mama tries to get something for my teachers and this year I chose some gourmet gift basket with fruit to bring to school on the last day of school.   I hope they like the gift basket of fruits – because I love fruits myself and I love all the nuts and jelly beans that comes with it.  Mama said my teachers had been so good to me throughout the year – and they certainly deserved something nice to show our appreciation for all their hard work.   Of course, mama planned more for my teachers besides this gift basket – we have a lunch planned for them and flowers during the lunch – mama is going to be busy this week.

Dress From Kai Mah

My Kai Mah is very fashionable – last year for my birthday – Kai Mah sent me lots of dresses again – from Ralph Lauren – and this one is one of them.  I didn’t get a chance to wear it till now – because the weather is warmer now.

I love my dresses from Kai Mah very much and so does all my teachers – they all think that my Kai Mah is very generous.

I’m a very lucky gal – thank you Kai Mah – Lina!

Junior Tennis Team

I love any outdoor games – from playing ball to baseball – so this summer – my mummy is sending me to the Junior Tennis Team for children under 10 years old.   They now have smaller tennis rackets and even balls for the junior team – and mama bought me a pneumatic armband so that I wouldn’t have tennis elbows.   I don’t really know what that means – but mama said it is use to help the  muscles around the arm – if I had an injury as it gives instant relief   – and one can also wear it to protect one’s elbow I guess.  It’s easy to use because it uses velcro as a strap – so that children can also put them on themselves – and I don’t need help from my friends or instructor to wear them.  They come in beige or black color – but my preferred color is pink – so I chose beige instead.  Mama said that it’s not expensive – so everyone can afford it – especially those playing tennis or golf.   If you like to know where to buy them – give mama a shout eh.

In Halifax

We took a short break last month to Halifax to go get food for mummy but the car was being bad – and even though I wanted to stay for another day – daddy decided to go home.  But I liked going home too and I didn’t want to miss any classes.  This is downtown Halifax – this time we stayed at the Barrington Delta – they gave us a very nice room, we really liked it.

This is daddy and I walking down the waterfront – this trip I didn’t mind walking a lot and I didn’t whine as much as I did when I was younger.  But i didn’t sleep early too – I went to bed like at midnight – too excited to sleep and can’t wait for morning to come – so that we can go swimming.  Wished daddy would take a picture of me and mummy but he never offered – so mummy didn’t want to “disturb” him for daddy is always grouchy.

Hat Stolen

I lost my hat from Etsy last week in school – well, technically I didn’t lose it – someone stole it from where I place my book bag everyday.  I’m very upset – not only because it’s one of a kind – but because it’s very expensive and the hat belongs to mama.  I was afraid that mama would be mad with me – but mama wasn’t – she said some people can be very dishonest – so from now on – i cannot wear anything expensive in school.   Mama said if she sees the person wearing my hat – that person would be getting a smack on its head.

Arts & Craft

I love doing arts and crafts – whether it is painting or play doh or looking for dinos like what I am doing here.  I just can’t sit still when I am home from school.  I only go for the after school program twice a week and now that Grammie doesn’t come on Tuesdays – I need more things to do – so mama always try to get me busy after I do my homework and learn and read my books and words from school.

I love dinos and anything to do with nature from frogs to snakes – i love to read about them and love to see their pictures on books.  What am I doing here?  looking for dinosaurs bones in a dinosaur eggs.

Daddy said if I do it slowly I can find all the dinosaur bones.