New Handmade Hat From Vancouver

I received my new handmade hate from Vancouver a few days ago – !  i loved it ! it’s in the color I like  – thank you so much Lil’ J – you are very talented – mama said she will be ordering more hats from you.  Hopefully, this time no one steals this one – else I would really cry.  The last one – a brown one was stolen by someone at my school – how horrid is that person – to steal from a kid – mama said.  I was very sad and devastated – so mama had to order another one for me.  I feel so bad that the hat was stolen – because it’s a lot of money – but mama said it wasn’t my fault – because there are lots of bad people out there – I just have to learn to protect my stuff a lot more.

A Tattoo From Camp

At the summer camp – they had tattoos for us – if we wanted – I wass worried that mama wouldn’t like this – but I put it on anyway – because my camp leaders said that they were not permanent.  But when I got home – mama said – the tattoo was way too big and I would have a hard time getting it out.  She doesn’t mind the tattoo – but smaller next time – so I said ok.

Mama made me worried – about my tattoo – I was afraid it wouldn’t come out now – so she made me play with stickers to get my mind off the tattoo till bathing time.  Mama said tattoos may not be good for my skin – because I’ve sensitive skin.

Me @ The Mackerel Throw

Every year during the Summer fest in town – they have this Mackerel throw – and every year the summer camp will bring us to the waterfront to watch it.  Last year – I was so sick – watching it and smelling the bad mackerel that I wanna throw up – but this year I did good.  No throwing up – so mama didn’t have to bring me back to the store – i stayed till the end of the Mackerel throw.

The mackerel throw is about these people dressing up like Fishermen and they start throwing mackerel at each other and then the other tries to catch it – the team that catches the most wins.  But you have to get dress into the fishermen costume and rain coat before you can climbed into the bucket and start throwing and catching.

My camp leaders also took part in the mackerel throw and they did win something – they had very good coordination – mama said.  It was a hot and humid day – after the mackerel throw – we all went to Toots and mama bought everyone a freezie as a treat !  hurray for mama!

Smoothie Time

I’m trying out smoothie at the Farmer’s market – guess what’s in it?  it’s banana, strawberry and orange.  Yummy!  i drank it all!  I normally don’t get to drink smoothies unless they don’t have any sugar added into it – mama don’t like me drinking any sugar.  But the smoothie at the Farmer’s market is made of organic fruits and they were really expensive.  The cups were biodegradable and can be recycled according to the lady.

My New Kitty

Aunt Helena had a few kitties – and I liked this one very much – so Aunt Helena said I could have her as a pet.  But mama don’t like cats – so I have to keep kitty – “CLEVER”  at Grammie’s.  Grammie and Aunt Helena said it was ok – so everytime I go visit Grammie – I can go visit Kitty.  I’m very excited to have my very own Kitty.

Seafest Children’s Parade 2011

So mama decided that it was ok for me to join the children’s parade this year with my summer camp folks because she found out that the walk wasn’t as long as she thought it would be.  So I was all excited on Thursday morning and put on my tie dye t-shirt made by the camp leaders as soon as I got into the camp.

That’s my name on the t-shirt.

That’s me walking in the parade in front of our store.

I have my water bottle with me – mama had forgotten to give me the one Kai Mah bought for me – because the camp leaders had told her they were bringing a wagon – but they didn’t and mama had wanted to keep my water cold.

We headed to Frost park for the mayor’s tea party – but it was nothing special – so next year – I might not go for the parade but watch it from the store.   But mama said it was good to try everything at least once.

I Love My Pink DS

I went to the farmer’s market with mama last week – and brought along my DS to play – while mama go look around.  As you can see – all the kids were also interested in my DS and games – and i don’t mind sharing with them at all.   Luckily – the DS has a built-in  aaa rechargeable batteries – so I don’t have to worry about mama or daddy spending money to buy batteries for me.  We have lots of aaa rechargeable batteries at home for our controllers and our Wii fit  – daddy said they are such good investment for we play so many games all the time.  We buy our aaa rechargeable batteries from our local gadget store in the mall – I love going there whenever we go shopping – they have so many play things to look at.

A Day Out With My Best Friend and His Mummy

I spent a day out with one of my best friend – shiny Josh and his mother and then we went out for supper at Peg’s Family restaurant – also my favorite restaurant.  While I had fun with shiny Josh, mama and Lynette (josh’s mummy) talked about single premium immediate annuity .  I don’t know much about it – but mama and lynette wants to invest their money for the future – so Josh and I played together – so that mama and Lynette can look into more information on it.

Josh and I had so much fun – and mama and Lynette talked the whole night about this single premium immediate annuity.  Mama said that it’s good for people like grammie and grampie – to use their savings to invest for higher returns.  But I guess anyone with savings can invest in this annuity.  I asked mama if I can invest also since I have savings – mama laughed and said that it’s for older people – so that they can secure their retirement – when they don’t work no more.


I love playing with sparklers but only in the summer – I get to play it and when daddy is home because mama doesn’t like to be out in the backyard for there are plenty of bugs around.  So I wait till daddy get home from work and we go light up a few sparklers.   This week – I had a neighbor come and play with me – and I had so much fun.  Maybe – next week more kids will come play with me.

Having fun!

Daddy holding a sparkler for picture.

My Mummy Loves Diamonds

My mummy loves jewelry and all kinds of diamonds but I guess all women loves diamonds – even my Kai Mah Lina and Godma Lynn – they all love diamonds.   So when daddy bought mama one for her birthday – she was a very happy woman.  You can tell because mama was beaming  so much you can’t see her eyes.  And mama loves looking at diamonds – because every time we pass by a jewelry store in the mall – she will be looking at them – and pricing them up.   Mama said this is a trinity ring – it means – the past, the present and the future with our family.  So sweet of daddy right?  so if you want to make your girlfriend or wife really happy – you know what to get her.  Mama said when I’m older – she will be getting me some too.