My Uncle From Hong Kong

My uncle from Hong Kong is about my mama’s age – and he is an engineer with a big company in Hong Kong – he is a great man – but he doesn’t have any girlfriend.  I asked mama why?  because I would love to have some cousins to play with when I go visit mama’s family in Asia and mama said because Uncle Ben is very busy at work when he was younger and now that he is older – he can’t find anyone suitable for him.   I told mama that Uncle Ben should try some free online dating to get a girlfriend – just like how mama met my daddy – online – in which mama had laughed and wrote to Uncle Ben about it on Facebook.  Uncle Ben said – he would take my suggestion seriously and let me know how he make out on the free online dating site.  So hopefully, Uncle Ben finds the love of his life online and I will have some lil’ cousins to play with when I go back to Asia for a visit.

A Day In Shelburne

We went to Shelburne last week with mama’s friend and Jasmine – we had a lot of fun going to museums and a re-enactment of how people used to live and I got to throw a tomahawk – it’s like a small axe.  I didn’t do very well – but the man there said that I have to have a smaller axe the next time.  I could have gotten a horsey ride if we had proper shoes  with us – but unfortunately we didn’t bring them along.  Mama said maybe the next time we are up in Shelburne we can come again and go on the horsey ride, so I told her we must have our equestrian boots in the car all the time.

I had such a fun day with Jasmine – going into a Dory boat and sitting on it for the first time.

I Froze Up!

Today was the last day of summer camp – and we had a party in the evening – and I was supposed to go up the stage and say thank you to all my leaders/councilors for taking care of me during the summer – and then to give them a gift certificate to eat lunch at Rudder’s.  But when I went up to the stage – I froze up and didn’t say a thing except thank you.  Even with mama on the stage with me – i refused to say anything – I was terrified big time and was sweating a little bit.  But the leaders were grateful for the gift certificate and came to thank mama for it.  I asked mama why we have to give gift certificate while no one else does – and mama said it’s a nice thing to do for the people who took care of me – the entire summer – and gave me so much fun.

Postcard From Newfoundland

Today I received a postcard from Newfoundland – from my best friend Shiny Josh !  I was very excited and mama said I should read the postcard on my own.  Shiny Josh wrote everything by himself – I was impressed – I thought his mom wrote the card for him – but mama said nope – Josh wrote it.

There are lots of icebergs in Newfoundland according to Papa and Shiny Josh’s mother – one day – we will go visit Newfoundland with Shiny Josh and his family.  Thank you, Shiny Josh !  see yer soon!

Ellenwood Park With Summer Day Camp

So I went to Ellenwood Park for a swim and picnic with my summer day camp – this was the first time for me to go to the lake without mama and daddy or my grammie and grampie.  I did have a good time except a sucker got me – a leech – and it terrified me.  The leaders put some salt on my legs and the leech came out – they don’t like salt.  And then they put a plaster on my toes and even though i cried and asked for mama – they didn’t call mama for me.  I came home in this big bus – and I loved it – because it had a tv in it.

I don’t think I wanna go to the Ellenwood park again – because they don’t have toilets – they have outhouses and it was darn stinky!  I didn’t use the toilet the entire day – and mama said – it was alright – I don’t have to go to Ellenwood park again with the camp.

Magic Potion

I went to the doctor’s yesterday after using the puffer for a week – and mama’s friend asked me why I smell so nice – when we met at the doctor’s office and I told her – that daddy said I was using a magic potion/lotion that makes my skin shiny and smell nice – and she asked me what was the magic potion called.  I told her I don’t know – and that she got to ask my mama about it.  I went back to the store at night and told mama about it and I asked mama what was the magic potion called – mama was confused.  I told her that was what daddy called it – a magic potion – and she said – ooooo – you mean – Johnson baby lotion?  I said probably and asked mama what she used – what was her magic potion ?  because mama always smell very nice too – and mama said it’s called pure fiji – so the next time – when I see mama’s friend – I will remember that – and tell her it’s called pure fiji because mama smells like coconut.

When I Have Sore Throat

So mama found this in the local drug store – and bought this for me – when I was sick a few weeks ago – because not only was I hacking my lungs out – I was beginning to get a sore throat.  And knowing that I won’t take any lozenges – mama found this lolli for me to suck on.  It tastes like real orange and I don’t mind sucking on it either – so if you are a kid – and you need something for a sore throat – you can try this RockHoppers.  I’m the fussiest kid and if I will take it – any kids will – that’s what my parents said.

Organizing My Toys

Mama is always looking out for stuff on the local yardsale – because she said – she is an el cheapo – so when she saw this toy organizer on the yardsale she bought it for me immediately.  I have so many toys – mama said it’s crazy – because she only had one toy when she was a kid.  I know ! I know!  I’m very lucky and blessed – what can I say – haha!  but yes ! i like my toy organizer – and I started putting things away – but of course – these baskets were not enough for all my toys – I still have toys all over the house.  You can’t really blame me because I’m a kid.

Back To Yoga With Mama

I’ve been sick for 10 days or more – and haven’t gone for yoga with mama for 2 weeks – I even missed my Karate class last week.  So today – mama and I are going out to get yoga mats for both of us – so that we can have our very own mats when we go for our yoga classes.   We are so happy that we can do a mummy and princesses yoga class together – because I like to exercise and so does mummy – and since I can’t go alone and neither can mummy – we can keep each other company.   I want to do this with mama in the near future – isn’t that awesome – they are so agile – and fantastic right?   Yoga classes keeps mama calm – and fit – and we all like mama to be that way.  But mama said having our very own yoga mats are better than using the ones at the Yoga club because we don’t have to worry about not having a mat when classes start – classes are very popular here.

Puffer For Me

I have to take the puffer for a week according to my doctor – I didn’t like it at first – and daddy lost his temper on me – but he said he was very sorry after i cried my lungs out.  But today – I was better at it and took it like a champ.  I put it in my mouth – squeeze the puffer and then suck in my breathe and hold it for 10 seconds.  The air chamber is also called spacer in Australia.