Snow Helmet For Winter

School started already – and this year -t he school wants us to wear a snow helmet for sledding and other winter activities – so when mama saw this at the shopping center – she quickly grabbed it and daddy paid for it.  Now I can use this new helmet for riding my bike or winter fun.  I’m all set for winter now!   Mama knows I love pink – so you see I have a pink helmet.

Getting The House Ready For Halloween

Mama knows I love to draw and paint – so we bought a canvas to paint on – to decorate our home for Halloween – do you like it?  I painted it – but I didn’t draw the cat or the pumpkin – so you know.

This is me with my painting.

We also bought a witch hat for Halloween – from the Dollar Store – pretty eh.

Me again just outside my room – showing off my craft work.

My Tinkerbell Lunchbox

This is my new tinkerbell lunchbox that mama bought for me before school ended last year – but she kept it for me – for this year Grade 2.  Mama buys things for me – when they are on sale and she keeps it till i need it.  I have another Hello Kitty tin lunch box but on days when I have to go for After School Program – mama gives me this to us – so that it isn’t that heavy.  I love both my lunch boxes and mama bought special stickers from Mabel Labels to label all my stuff.  She made sure everything is labeled because she is afraid someone may take my things and I would again be crying hard.  Mama don’t like to see me crying – she say she gets really sad when I am hurt.  So I try not to make my mama sad too  by being careful with my things.

Blue Grass Festival In Yarmouth County

When fall comes – I go for the blue grass festival with mama and her friends – I know that grampie like blue grass but he never goes anywhere – I wonder if he needs his rv repair by a good rv shop – that way he can sleep in the rv instead of a motel or a bed and breakfast place.   I would love to go on a vacation in an RV – I know mama’s friend has one and we loved playing on it when we visit.   An RV is like a house away from home – there is just about everything in it – and one can even make ice cream in the RV – we also get to watch our favorite cartoons in the RV when we go for the Blue Grass Festival every year.

Love The Newsboy Hat But…

My mama loves buying things for me from Etsy – or anything handmade in support for the local artiste – her intentions are good and I do love the latest that she bought but alas, as you an see it’s too small.  Of course, mama wasn’t going to return it – she is just going to give it to another kid with smaller head.

We will wait for the lady who knitted this hat to get something bigger and get another one from her.  Mama said my head is bigger than most ppl probably because I have so much hair – hahhaha!!

Wrinkly Clothes

Sometimes my clothes are wrinkly like this one – because we don’t have an ironing board at home.  So I told mama I don’t like wrinkly clothes because they are not pretty at all.  Today mama and I went shopping for an iron board – there were so many ironing boards to choose from – we don’t know which one to pick up for our home.  But a kind and nice sales person – told us the good and bad of the ironing boards and we were able to buy one at a very cheap price.  Mama wants one that is light and easily foldable – so that she can put it away when she is done ironing my clothes.  She wants to get one that you can hide away in a closet and pull it out when you need it –  can you guess which type we ended up getting?  a table top one – mama said she only needs to iron my clothes – so we don’t need a standing one – with a table top one – she can watch her chinese movies and do her ironing as well.  No more wrinkly clothes for me.

Going To Stay In Westin Hotel, Halifax

So mama told me today after school that we are heading to Halifax to stay in a hotel.  So when I came home from the store – I wanted to pack all my clothing for my trip.  I was so excited I got my friend to come in to help me pack – but my luggage is very small – so I can only bring a few things but of course, I’m bringing my toys first.   Mama don’t know I packed all sorts of stuff that I want to play with – I bet she won’t be really happy when she unpacks when we get home – haha!  We are staying in a new hotel this time – mama got the hotel room for really cheap.  We’ve stayed in so many hotels before – from the Comfort Inn to Delta Barrington and Sheraton Four Point and the Marriot –  I loved staying in hotels because I can jump on the beds and make a mess and mama won’t be mad.

Cute Pink USB Flash Drive

Mama went to the Source with daddy – because he needed to get some wires at the Source – it’s located at the mall – and mama saw this cute pink USB flash drive on sale – so she got one .  It was so cute – I wanted it but mama said that she needs it to put my pictures onto it – so that she can bring them to Superstore and print out pictures for Kai Mah – but when I am older – I can get one for myself if I needed it.  But papa said when I grow up I would need to look for portable hard drives because I will need to store a lot of information – so a USB flash drive is not enough for college and university kids.  I don’t know what they are talking about – all I know that it’s cheap enough that mama would buy it for me – and it’s pink in color – my favorite color.

Fall Is Almost Here

Summer is not really over yet – but the weather today sure feels like Fall – and I don’t like it to feel too cold in the fall.  To cheer me up – mama said she ordered some wreaths online for our doors for the store and home.  These lovely wreaths would surely bring some color to our gloomy weather now.  I can’t wait to see these lovely wreaths on our door – i bet my friends will be impressed with the wreath.   Maybe we should send one to Kai Mah in Singapore too – because mama said they can send flowers internationally – but I guess Kai Mah don’t have fall in Singapore – they are summer 365 days a year – with some rain.  So a summer wreath will do better for Kai Mah but mama said in Singapore – it’s not as popular as it is here in Canada and USA.

First Day As A Grade 2

Today is the first day I begin school as a Grade 2 student.  I’m very excited and looked forward to a wonderful year – I have the same teacher as I had last year – and I like my teacher very much.   I didn’t get to sleep much last night but managed to wake up a few times and made mama sleep on the floor with me – till i went back to sleep.  Mama is very tired today and has eye luggages below her eyes.  Anyhow – I am happy school is back again – I like school.   Both mama and daddy sent me to school together like always.