Saving Up For College

Happy Halloween everyone!  while other kids have a few costumes for Halloween and lots of treats – my Halloween costume was bought when it went on sale at Superstore at 40% discount.  And Halloween treats for my class is made by my Grammie and I helped decorate the cookies on the weekend when I spent time with Grammie and Grampie.   My mama and daddy do not believe in spending a lot of money for frivolous things  – because they are saving up for college for me.  Mama said that she doesn’t believed in me going in debt even before I can earn money – so they started saving for me as soon as I was born.   Mama said I have to be grateful for what I have and not ask for more than I need – that’s because a lot of people out there don’t have anything – even with food – they don’t want me to waste any food – because a lot of people out there got no food.

Mama said that even though we own our own business – we don’t owe the suppliers anything – we pay when the bills comes immediately  – because going into debt is not a good thing.  Some people go into debt because they have no choice – but some people go into debt because they don’t spend their money wisely – so mama said I have to learn to save money and spend wisely.  Even though we are comfortable in life – it doesn’t mean that we can splurge and be spendthrift.  Saving money and spending wisely are good virtues mama said.

Food For My Teacher

Lately, mama had been packing up food for my teacher to try because my friend in school said that my food is P.U. again – so I didn’t eat my lunch when my classmates tells me that.  I feel hurt and ashamed that my food is P.U. to them – and I don’t want to tell my teacher about it when it happens.  So mama packed a small tupperware of food for my teacher to try in front of the class in hope that my classmates sees that it’s not P.U. to my teacher – so they won’t say P.U. to me about my food.  My teacher like my mama’s food and she finishes them – if my classmates don’t want to try them – so now no one says my food is P.U.

Halloween Parade 2011

We had the annual Halloween Parade on Main Street – this year – there was a lot to see and the weather was really good.  I should have worn my Halloween costume too – but mama thought it was going to be very cold – so she didn’t allowed me to.

Everyone is dressed up – even my friend’s mother/customer – she is a doctor Seuss.

Lots of lights during the Halloween Parade !  I liked it a lot.

Karate Classes

I have been attending Karate classes since summer – and a few weeks ago – mama and daddy drove all the way to Meteghan to get my uniform for me.  There is actually no one who sells them in town – so we have to drive all the way up to Meteghan to buy them.  Meteghan is about 30 mins away from town, but I finally got my uniform – and like it very much.   Now I don’t have to worry about other kids scratching my hands while playing games in my Karate class – I have a long sleeve to protect me.

Pears For My Classmates & Teachers

We went specially to Wallace Apple Farm at South Ohio to get some pears for my classmates and teachers.  Mama likes to do this when the apples and pears are available – because she said eating fruits is always good.  At the apple farm – we can get very good pears and apples – and they are not so expensive like getting them from Superstore or Sobeys.

Every week – my mama would pack a basket of apples or pears for my class & teachers – I love my mama very much – she is very kind to all my friends.

Christmas Shopping In November

Yes, November is coming soon – and mama has already planned a trip to Halifax for Christmas shopping because she has some very specific things to buy for the extended family that she cannot get in town.  Normally, we would try and buy everything here in town but some things you just have to either go to the city to get or buy them online.  Mama needs her Asian food from the city and her Japanese incense sticks as well.  She also needs to get some Luminox blackout watches this year for some of my cousins and uncle for they had asked for a hunting watch.  And mama like to shop anywhere – where there is free shipping – so she tries to take advantage of it for she doesn’t like to pay for shipping.  I hope this year we get to do all our Christmas shopping before the end of November – that way mama can concentrate on planning my birthday party.

At A Toy Store In Halifax

When we were in Halifax, we went to a toy store that daddy likes and there was a paper robot that i liked. I had fun in the store – while daddy looked at stuff he liked.

These are some of the toys that I liked – but we didn’t buy any because mama said i was too young.  We try to do something for everyone when we are up in the city – toy store and clothing store for me, food for mummy and daddy’s toy store as well.

Daddy’s Hobby

Nothing interest my daddy more than his games and gadgets – that’s what mama used to say – he knows all about gaming systems and how to play them and anything about electronics you can ask my daddy.  If you need a long hdmi cables my daddy can tell you where to get them or how they look like – because he reads up on everything that has to do with gaming and electronics.

My daddy also knows how what kind of wires you need to connect from your laptop to your big tv or your xbox 360 to your tv – or wifi connections – just about anything you need to know about watching tv and gaming.  So if you need help with any kind of games – you know who to look for – as for me – I’m learning how to help the customers where our childrens’ movies are at the store.


When it is raining out on a weekend and i’ve no one to play with I amused myself with different things – while mama finished her supper and dishes.  Sometimes Grammie can’t take me during the weekend to play with me and spend time with me – so I have to stay home with mummy after 4.30pm – but i prefer to come home because I have all my toys here.  Daddy don’t play with me at the store, usually he finds me quite troublesome – even though he doesn’t say it in so many words.  So I rather go home with mama and   I play with my marbles after spreading them on the carpet.  I wished I had someone to play with – but for now – I will just play with myself.

I’ve asked mama to take a picture of me and my marbles – so that when I grow up – I will remember my marbles and me playing on my own.  Mama said kids need a lot of attention – so it’s alright that i need someone to play with.  Most times mama stop her work and play with me – but on the weekends – mama needs to do the mopping and vacuuming so that the house is cleaned and daddy don’t need to help during the weekends and we can have some family time.

A Witch For Halloween 2011

I’ve decided to dress up like a witch for Halloween – after seeing this witch dress.  So when this costume came on sale the other day – daddy bought it for me.  I loved it – because it lights up – now I need a broom and some candies.

I’ve always been a princess of some sort every Halloween – so mama is surprised that I wanna be a witch this year – but I guess it’s because I’ve been watching a lot about witches from Sabrina the Teenage witch and realized that witches can be fun too.

Here is me – eating some Halloween treats first.