24 days To Christmas

Only 24 days to Christmas and mama is still getting  christmas gift ideas for all my friends and teachers and everyone in my school.   We do have some ideas already – of what to get for different people but not all and it’s hard to buy for my grampie and grammie.  Aunt Helena who is leaving for her Christmas vacation to Toronto – next Tuesday – will have to be given her presents this weekend before she leaves and we haven’t a clue what to get for her.  Daddy thought of getting her a LCD tv – but she won’t be here to enjoy it – but I told daddy it doesn’t really matter – she can enjoy it when she gets home from her Christmas vacation in the Spring.  As for me I would love to have a Vtech learning tablet – because I can read on it and I can also play games on it.  It would be super cool if Santa would bring me one.

Christmas Light Up In Yarmouth

This is the stocking I made in school the other day and went with my teachers to put it on the tree.  I had to show Grammie and Aunt Helena the stocking when we were done watching the Christmas parade.

I took a picture as Santa – ain’t I cute!

I met my friend – Chloe – so mama said – Chloe take a picture with Chloe – hahah!  Chloe is very nice – I like her very much.

And this is Oliver my classmate from England.

Love the lights the town put up at Frost Park.  We spent a few minutes there.  It was one of the best night I’ve had – since daddy was there – mama was there – so was grammie and aunt helena.  Would be nice to spend some time with Grampie too but he doesn’t like the crowd.

What Mummy Wants For Christmas

Grammie asked mummy what she wants for Christmas – mummy said “nothing!”  but I know she would love to have the new and modern bedroom furniture that she looks at all the time  from  bedroom furniture los angeles .    Yes! it’s an online website for furniture and they have some really nice furniture that mummy wants.  Mummy likes the California King Bed and the night stand as well,  they also have kid’s furniture – and I like the pink color fantasia bed for kids and they are only less than $200.  Maybe, I can ask grammie for the bed for Christmas instead.   I’ll check with Grammie and ask her to go online to Los Angeles furniture – then grammie can use her credit card and buy the pink bed for me.

I like the bed because it’s pink and it’s not as high as the one I have now – and the frame is cushiony – so when I roll around the bed – I don’t have to worry about bumping my head on the bed frame.

New DS Game

I love playing Batman Lego – but like everything else – daddy and mama don’t buy anything too expensive for me – and this game was only $5 from a yardsale.  Daddy and mama said that there is no need to have everything I want immediately – and that all good things come to those who waits.  I cannot be like other kids – I have to be a responsible one – and learn to appreciate money and the value of things.   I may not know all about money – but mama said that money isn’t everything – the most important thing in life is honesty and being happy with what we have.

Caroling At The Hospital

This year for Christmas – I’m going caroling at the local hospital – and it’s all because mama said it’s a good and nice thing to do during the holidays – to bring some cheer to the sick and to the children who are stuck in the hospital because they are sick.  The hospital will be decorated and everyone will be having hot chocolate at the end of the songs that we are planning to sing.  The nurse uniform are different too – during Christmas time – and they are all wearing very pretty pink and colorful scrubs.  I like the scrubs that they are wearing – they don’t look like nurses – they look like people who are in the hospital playing with the children there.   It’s not so frightening to visit the hospital when you see the nurses and doctor dress up in fun type of uniforms.  What about you ?  are you caroling t his year in the hospitals?

Sick – Cold

I came down with something yesterday – so here I am at the store – trying to get comfy.  I don’t feel so bad – but am having a very bad sore throat – and whining a lot.   Then I have a cold – because I started getting sniffy and stuffy.  I don’t like getting sick.  I don’t know if I can go to school on Monday – and probably will miss my last swimming lesson of the year. Bummer!

GingerBread Tree Decorating Kit

I want this! I want this!  i told my mama.  I told her to get this – so that I can go to Grammie’s house to bake this with her – but guess what mama said?  no!  grammie can make it with you without the kit.  See – I don’t get everything I want – because mama said I’m not getting spoiled – and she knows that grammie can make this cheaper and better – so there – I want it but I can’t get it.  But I didn’t forget about the gingerbread tree – mama took a picture of this to show grammie – so that grammie can do the same when I visit her.

My Daddy’s Business

My daddy always say – it was quite strange how he started his business – our store – well – my daddy’s store to be exact.  With no credit to the bank – my daddy started small with a business partner.  And even though they can get any help from the bank – daddy’s business partner – probably got a bad credit small business loans for his share of the business – else he won’t have gotten any money whatsoever.   Even though the partner wasn’t good with money, he was very brave – and gung-ho about having his own business.  Had it not been him – my daddy wouldn’t have owned a store.  But half a year after they opened the store – daddy bought out his partner – because he wanted to do something else.   Daddy is grateful for his partner’s contribution towards opening the store – and if the partner can open a business – so can anyone else.  All you need is the right small business loans – and you can start anew – and make something out of yourself.