A Hair Cut Before School Re-opens

Mummy brought me over to Corrie to get my hair cut and a hair wash before going back to school.  When mama was young – that’s how her mama did – so she is doing the same thing for me too – mama said everyone must go to school properly dressed and hair cut and finger nails and toe nails cut too.  By doing all that – it shows that I respect going to school and I’m there to study – she said hopefully when I grow up – I don’t go dye my hair in pink or purple – because that isn’t really a fashion statement – that’s called destroying your hair before you are old enough to do so.

I love haircuts with Corrie because she takes me immediately on the same day – she also cuts my hair well too.  Thank you, Corrie.

Christmas 2011 – I’m Very Blessed!

Christmas came and went – and I scored big time this Christmas – guess Santa must loved me lots.  I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so excited for Santa to come.  I woke up several times and by 1.30am – mama was mad that I didn’t go to sleep.  She said Santa couldn’t come if I wasn’t sleeping.

Yay! Present!!

Yay!  Lalaloopsy from Sherry!

This is Rosie !

Zhu Zhu pets from Santa!

Robert Munsch story books from Santa !  I’ve got 18 of them!

Anne Geddes baby from Santa !

More toys!

Woo! another toy from Santa !

Brain Teaser from Santa – clothing, water slide for the summer, more Zhu- zhu pets.

Hello Kitty ear-muffs for winter

Barbie toy and dresses for barbie from Jasmine and Kim.

Color markers – scented ones and cute pouch from Caitlin all the way from Australia – thank you Auntie Charmaine.

Another Christmas gift from Auntie Mei from Sydney!  thank you – Auntie Mei.

Another Lalaloopsy from Auntie Marge!

Musical box from Jessica!

Winter jacket from Auntie Janice from Vancouver.

A box all the way from Singapore – from Kai Mah Lina !

Clothing from Ralph Lauren ! and more goodies in the box – snacks!

Lots of clothing – from Kai Mah.

Littliest Pet Shop from Shiny Josh and Lynette! thank you so much – I loved them!

PJs from Jasmine and Kim – thank you so much!

And lots of mee siam in the box for mama too from Kai Mah.  And I also received a dvd machine – and lots of chocolates and more books from Santa and not forgetting another LPS toy from Lynette and Shiny Josh for my birthday and a chair for my computer desk.  Thank you everyone for so many gifts on Christmas.  I had a second round of presents at Grammie’s after lunch.  Wow! i’m very blessed.

PS :  I got a 2 wheel scooter from Sweden – one of mama’s blogging friend – Auntie Eunice sent it all the way from Sweden – thank you very much – Auntie Eunice.

Christmas Present For A Cousin

Daddy said we are getting a special Christmas present for my cousin Peggy – and I got all excited about it – until he told me he was getting a alcohol detox for cousin Peggy.    I asked daddy why? and daddy said Cousin peggy loves to drink during the festive season, so this year – he would prefer to give her a useful gift to help her get rid of some really nasty toxins in her body.   Luckily, daddy and mummy don’t drink – else I just might have to get them a alcohol detox for a gift when I’m older.  Daddy said alcohol detox is great for people who needs help with their drinking habits  – and I guess there must be a lot of people who loved to drink during the holidays – so should everyone give their loved ones a alcohol detox too?  I wonder how many people get a gift for alcohol detox during Christmas.

Sick & Staying Home

I am sick and staying home with mom while daddy go to work on his own.  I stay home and sleep and draw and take my medication like a good girl.  I’m glad mama is home with me – so that we can spend time together.  When I am sick mama don’t do any work at all, she takes care of me and play with me or watch a movie with me.    I like staying at home when I am sick – that way I can be in my PJs for the entire day.  I have a little fever and running nose.

Concert In School

I was in the concert for our school and mummy, daddy, grammie and grampie came for my concert.  We have been practicing for the concert for a long time now – and I remembered all the words for the songs.  I even corrected my friends who sang wrongly – and daddy said – I shouldn’t correct my friends because it might hurt their feelings.  After the concert, we walked back to school and daddy and mummy was there to pick me up after school.

I Cut My Principal’s Hair

Yes! I sure did!!  and that’s because I raised the most money for the school – thanks to Auntie Kai Mah and all the awesome aunties and uncles who donated so much money to the school.  The customers at the store also donated half of what I collected but the aunties and uncles are the ones who donated a lot of money.  Thank you very much again ! I had so much fun today!

Santa’s Gift Shoppe

Every year my school will set up a Santa’s gift shoppe for students to buy a gift for their parents.  We are to bring $2 for 2 gifts – and we can go choose those gifts in the morning – and they will be wrapped up by teachers and parents who are volunteering for the workshop.  Mama wants to volunteer this year – but I asked her not to because I want my gifts to be a surprised.  Too bad they don’t have welding supplies at the Santa’s gift shoppe because I know that Grampie and Uncle Richard could use some of these welding supplies as they are always doing some welding outdoors.  Uncle Richard has a pair of goggle eye glass that he puts on when he is welding to protect his eyes – and he wears thick gloves too when he is welding.  Mama said she will bring me shopping for welding stuff for Grampie and Uncle Richard this weekend – I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

Christmas Cookies

I baked some Christmas cookies with my daddy and mummy today – they were easy Christmas cookies – we didn’t have to do much – just placed them on a baking sheet and that’s it.  These are from pillsbury the dough boy – we loved baking Pillsbury because they are ready made cookie dough.  Mama isn’t good at baking at all – hahha!! unlike Grammie but I love doing stuff with my mummy and daddy.