Birthday Party @ Grammie’s

This year I celebrated my birthday at Grammie’s.  Grammie and I made the cake yesterday – because she needed to cook up a storm with Aunt Helena.  This is the cake we all ate after dinner.

Mama bought a toy to put on the cake – because she knows I like toys on my cake.  It’s a Zooble that I wanted so much – and mama knew that I want it very much.  But I didn’t pester mama to buy it – I just told her this was nice – i really liked it and she remembered.

This is me being silly with the birthday decoration.

It’s the best birthday I’ve had because I got to play Trouble with Uncle Lloyd, Uncle Richard and Grammie – I had so much fun.

This is from Kai Mah Lina! a walking dog !  I loveddddddddddddd this !  Thank you – Auntie Kai Mah!

More presents – this one is from Aunt Helena.

Another present – this one from Uncle Richard – it’s a book and money – thank you Uncle Richard.

This is from Grammie.  Thank you Grammie!

More presents – this one from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rainy! thank you !

This is from Aunt Helena again – but this one is my Christmas present.

These are my uncles and aunts and of course Grampie over there.

Monster High – Draculaura !  yay!!! i loved this one too!

I had a lot of presents – Uncle Lloyd bought me a creative book – and Aunt Sandra bought me a Nail Art book – Aunt Renette who didn’t come gave me money.  I also got money from Uncle Lloyd and Uncle Richard.  So yes!  i have lots of presents now.

And all had dinner followed by my birthday cake.  It was a great party – i loved it.  And Grammie planned it all – next year I want a party at Grammie’s again.  And I turn 8 yrs old on the 19 December.

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