Diamonds For Mummy

Daddy and I went shopping at the mall on Sunday to find mama a Valentine’s Day gift – we know exactly what my mama would like for Valentine’s.  Not just anything, or plates or pots or makeup or perfume – my mama  is into  diamond solitaire rings and it has to be the real thing else you better not buy them for her – she won’t wear it.  We love all the shiny looking stones and am looking for one that daddy can afford but they are real pretty that’s for sure.  Daddy said that he could probably afford one this year – since mama had been good – hahahah!  So we have to find out mama ring size and then go back to the mall and choose one for her – but it doesn’t have to be a fancy diamond – like the lazare diamonds that mama has from Singapore – but a modest one is good enough.

Safety First At School

I love school very much – and I love all my teachers as well and the reason why I love school now is because I feel safe at school with my teachers and friends.  At school, my teachers teaches me all about safety first – they even have medical step stool in all our classroom and the library just in case we need to reach for something that is too tall and too high.School is a safe place to be and in school – they teach us how to keep ourselves safe – not to talk to strangers and not to climb on high stuff unless you have a step stool.  We have a step stool at home too but not as fancy as the ones in school.

Home Sick

Stayed home today from school because I am sick – with a sore throat and a cold – no fever – but I wanted to stay home with mama and didn’t even go to the store.  Mama played with me – watched movies with me  and also read with me the whole day.  I didn’t give mama much sleep last night because I woke up at 6am – and woke her up another 3 times before daddy woke up with me at 8.45am.  Mama said I should feel better by tomorrow.  I didn’t go to karate class yesterday and missed my after school program for the last day – and also missed PJ day at school – what a bummer!  guess I’m gonna missed Pantanra’s birthday at the YMCA tomorrow too 🙁

No More After School Program For Now

I won’t be attending the after school program for now – till it gets warmer because mama didn’t like that I was playing out in the cold for so long.  I came home with all my clothes wet – even socks – and mama said this year the after school program seems to put us out alot more than last year in the cold.  So because mama doesn’t want me to get sick – since I have asthma and all – she wrote to the co-ordinator of the after school program – and told her about it.  But once the weather gets warmer – I can go back to the after school program to play with my friends.

Computers In The Study Room

We have 3 computers in our study room but our computer room is very small – so daddy thought about buying the mobile computer workstations that we saw at the Doctor’s office.   How does the workstation looked like?  well,  it’s like a cupboard and can be closed up and hidden when you are not using your laptops.  It’s really very neat and keeps our study room tidy and gives me more space to play when I am not using the workstation.

Daddy said it’s great for people who don’t have much space in a room, just like the doctor’s consulting office – and I won’t have space to clutter the computer table no more.  Daddy said he doesn’t think that they are very expensive to buy, so we will go shopping for a mobile computer workstation soon – not just one but 3 actually.

It’s Jasmine’s 5th Birthday!

It’s Jasmine’s 5th birthday party at Macdonald’s and i was invited.  I had been looking forward to this because I liked Jasmine very much and we play along pretty well but I’m still a little bossy even though mama told me to behave myself.  I had a lot of fun with Jasmine and her friends during her birthday party and I had french fries and milk.  Mama had my nuggets and caught up with Aunty Kim and some of her friends at Macdonald’s.  And papa came to pick us up late at about 3.50pm because he thought mama was supposed to call him but mama thought he was gonna pick us up at 3.30pm.   Happy birthday Jasmine – I hope you like your chum buddy frog and go buy something with the “ang pow” mama gave you.  Or be like me – save it up for college.

PS:  Mama said she wished I was more gung-ho like Jasmine – who never whine or fear anything – she will be the go-getter girl when she grows up.

Valentine Gifts For Cousins In USA

Some of my cousins lived in the United States and every year during Valentine’s Day, they would send me a basket of cookies.  So this year, mummy and I are sending them some shari’s berries because they are chocolate covered strawberries that both kids and adults loved.  During the summer, we always visit my cousins in the New York and they come and visit me sometimes too – and mama and my aunt always keep in touch via Facebook and emails – mama said that we have to remember our relatives from afar and keep in touch and what better way than to send them a basket of fruits or cookies.   You can also send pop cakes that I loved so much and the Velvet cake with cream cheese on top – very yummy!

Bratz Desert Jewelz

This movie was new last week and I got to watch it as soon as it came in  and I loved the show.  For those who have kids from 4 – 10 yrs old – this children movie is a great one for them to watch.  i don’t always get to watch the new movies first because I have to do my homework and then revision work with mama – and some math and spelling as well.  On Thursdays I have Karate and Saturdays, my days are fully packed too.  So it’s by chance I got to watch Bratz Desert Jewelz.

I Ate Some Spinach

Yes! i ate some spinach since last week.  Mama put like 2 of them for me to try – the organic spinach the first time and now I can eat up to 6 pieces of spinach.  I know it’s not a lot of veggies but at least I’m trying – so I get to have some ice cream as a reward.  I know mama wants me to eat more veggies and i’m really trying hard, so I won’t disappoint her – but I don’t like a lot of meat – nor a lot of veggies.

Dresses For A Princess

My mama loves to buy dresses for me – and everytime they are on sale – she would buy a few for me.  She doesn’t realized that I grow up too quick to buy so many dresses but since she knows I loved to dress up – she don’t mind spending the money.  Plus mama said she never buy expensive things – these were on sale and mama is very happy about her shopping loot.