It’s Jasmine’s 5th Birthday!

It’s Jasmine’s 5th birthday party at Macdonald’s and i was invited.  I had been looking forward to this because I liked Jasmine very much and we play along pretty well but I’m still a little bossy even though mama told me to behave myself.  I had a lot of fun with Jasmine and her friends during her birthday party and I had french fries and milk.  Mama had my nuggets and caught up with Aunty Kim and some of her friends at Macdonald’s.  And papa came to pick us up late at about 3.50pm because he thought mama was supposed to call him but mama thought he was gonna pick us up at 3.30pm.   Happy birthday Jasmine – I hope you like your chum buddy frog and go buy something with the “ang pow” mama gave you.  Or be like me – save it up for college.

PS:  Mama said she wished I was more gung-ho like Jasmine – who never whine or fear anything – she will be the go-getter girl when she grows up.

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