Thermos Bottles

I love my thermos bottles – I have one for water, one for milk and one for juice.  But mama bought 2 of each for me – because the first set of them – you see the straws – they were washed again and again – and after so long – they turned yellow – so mama had wanted to buy some new straws to replace the old ones but none to be found.  She wrote to Thermos Canada and they sent the wrong one the first time – and then they didn’t send no more.

So mama took some pictures of the straws and the bottle and sent another email to Thermos Canada – since it’s about time to change the straws again – hopefully, this time they send the right one and on time.  Else we will have to buy more bottles and it’s just a waste of money because they are not cheap at all.  They are about $16 each – they are good for keeping my water cool or hot and clean but the straws are a real problem to clean – mama is afraid that even though she uses hot water and pipe cleaners – she still feels that a change of straws every 6 months is good.  So hopefully Thermos Canada comes thru’ for us this time.

Migrating From China To Canada

Mama is helping some friends from the store with translation work for immigration papers because they have found the spouse on the internet and are planning to get marry here in Canada.  But in order for someone from China to come to Canada – they need a visa and they also need an invitation from the Canadian citizen here.  So mummy had done some work for some friends and word travels and everyone wants some help from mummy.

Unfortunately, mummy’s mandarin isn’t as good as it was before – for she had already migrated here for 13 years now and her mandarin isn’t practiced as much as before.  So mummy gets help or introduce a professional translation place for those who are still in China and filling up their immigration papers.  Because for mummy to help them over the phone – and calling overseas, it would be more expensive and a  long wait for them to get here.

There are professional translation place situated in China itself and mummy would help them look thru’ the application once the application is completed and when it’s ready.  So if you are in China or London, New York and Paris and needs translation work done – you can always check them out.

Birthday Party

I have a lot of friends in school and at the store – so I get a lot of birthday party invitations – I’m a very lucky girl to have so many friends.  But mama don’t know what  gifts for a child’s birthday to buy every time I have a birthday to attend, lucky for us – she has a place she can shop for all these awesome birthday gifts for my friends and they are one of a kind birthday gifts.   Mama said that giving a unique gift is important because it shows that we are really thinking of my friends and our friendship – and she wants to get something useful for them – like a personalized water bottle for example – because mama loved all those personalized things for me too.  Why? because it won’t get lost and if it does end up in the lost and found department at our school – they will come back to whoever they belong to.  Mom likes the personalized kid’s backpack too – because she knows that every kid needs them for school – and there is one that has a lunch bag, a backpack and also a pencil case all with our names on it and mama said they are not too expensive  – so she always loved to order those as well.  Even if we don’t go for the birthday party, mama said that it would be nice to give my friends a present for inviting me – to show that we appreciate them.

Grammie’s Funeral

Grammie’s funeral is today and i delivered a simple eulogy that I had written on my own.  This was what I read out during the funeral.  Everyone said I did good – but all I want is to honor my grammie.

I love my Grammie a lot and I just want to say that she was a very nice Grammie to have around and she was a very good cook too. And I want to thank you all for coming to my grammie’s funeral.

Grammie’s Wake

Today’s Grammie’s wake – visitations at the funeral home – and I did go to school today.  Even though I had told mummy and daddy that I didn’t want to go for the visitation – I ended up going for the afternoon one after school.  Mummy and daddy was proud of me – I was a bit scared at first but my cousins were all there – so they kept me company while mama and daddy took care of other things like grampei and the guests who came to say goodbye to grammie.  I didn’t really cry today – and I was really good too – but spoke a bit loud with my cousins after a while and mama had to put her fingers on the lips to tell me to quieten down and I did.  We didn’t stay long because I was hungry and wanted to get some food.   In the evening, daddy went back to the funeral home – but mama and I stayed home.  There were a lot of people who went for the visitation – my grammie is much loved and liked by a lot of people.

Peas I Planted In Greenhouse

We went to visit Grampie today even though Grammie isn’t here anymore.  It wouldn’t be the same but I still wanted to visit – so that I can put up all the drawings I did for Grammie in her room.  I had never been in my Grammie’s room and there is a reason why Grammie didn’t want me up in her room because Grammie had so many things in her room – there is no walking place at all.  I put up the drawings in her room with daddy’s helped and then Grampie and daddy brought me to the green house to see the peas I had planted with Grammie and him.  These are the peas that I had planted during the winter when Grammie was around.  I do missed Grammie so much.  Why must grammie die?  why must grammie be sick?

My Grammie Went To Heaven

My Grammie went to heaven this morning when I was preparing to go to school.  My mama and daddy didn’t tell me about it – till i got back home from school.  I cried and cried because I didn’t want grammie to die but daddy calmed me down and brought me to the store to see the Magic players play this evening to keep my mind off grammie’s death.  But the Magic players were teasing me – so I cried some more and they stopped because daddy told them not to tease me because my grammie just passed away.   Tonight I am going to have a hard time sleeping because it going to be not the same without having grammie around.

Drawings For Grammie In The Hospital

Grammie is getting sicker by the day – she isn’t even waking up at all now – nor talking to me or anyone.  I started to draw a lot of drawings for Grammie when I visit her at the hospital now because I can’t read to her no more for she isn’t listening to me.  Mama said it’s my way of expressing myself – so they let me draw and draw – but the nurses at the 4 south – they were very  nice to me – they gave me lots of papers and offered me crayons too.