Birthday Party

I have a lot of friends in school and at the store – so I get a lot of birthday party invitations – I’m a very lucky girl to have so many friends.  But mama don’t know what  gifts for a child’s birthday to buy every time I have a birthday to attend, lucky for us – she has a place she can shop for all these awesome birthday gifts for my friends and they are one of a kind birthday gifts.   Mama said that giving a unique gift is important because it shows that we are really thinking of my friends and our friendship – and she wants to get something useful for them – like a personalized water bottle for example – because mama loved all those personalized things for me too.  Why? because it won’t get lost and if it does end up in the lost and found department at our school – they will come back to whoever they belong to.  Mom likes the personalized kid’s backpack too – because she knows that every kid needs them for school – and there is one that has a lunch bag, a backpack and also a pencil case all with our names on it and mama said they are not too expensive  – so she always loved to order those as well.  Even if we don’t go for the birthday party, mama said that it would be nice to give my friends a present for inviting me – to show that we appreciate them.

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