I Never Break Anything

Mama said that I’m a very good kid since I was a baby – I never break anything nor do I go poking my nose into places that I can’t.  Even if daddy were to buy something expensive like a new iPod or a sonomax I won’t touch them at all – not even now.  I never break anything because I know better not to touch anything that I shouldn’t.  No one taught me what to do – but when mama looked at me with evil eyes – I know that I’m not supposed to touch them.  I’m also afraid to touch daddy’s electronic stuff because I know they are very expensive – so mama and daddy never worry about buying anything expensive to put in the house whether for decoration or for using them – I would never break anything because I don’t touch them at all.  I know that iPods, computers and a sonomax are for big people only – so I don’t play with them – I only play with my own toys.  I never break anything because I’m a good girl.

Labels For My School Stuff

Mama bought more labels from Mabel Labels for my school stuff for next year – and also for my new shoes that mama had bought during the winter.  Mama loves to buy things in advance for me – so that I have it all ready – and that I would be prepared for anything.  So when the labels were on sale – for 20% off – mama bought them for me.

The labels were not cheap and daddy must have rolled his eyes but these were the ones that sticks good and never came off even after many washing.  It’s very durable – and mama really liked it and said that you pay for what you get.

I’m Sick !

I’m sick – down with a cold again.  Mama said I just got over a cold and I’m having another one and that’s because I don’t listen to her and wants to go out and play even though it is very cold and I refused to wear any jacket because it’s hot for me while running.  Anyway – I guess we won’t be going shopping tomorrow or to Grampie’s  – bummer!

Skylander Figurines

Mama bought me more skylander figurines to play with with my games.  The more figurines I have – the more power I have with my games.  It’s very hard to get the figurines because they are not on sale here often – so mama looked out for me on the yardsale or on auction sites and she bought some for me today – woohoo!! mama always thinks of me.  Mama said when I grow up I better know that she always thinks of me first and give me the best in everything even before I asked for them.

Eating With Godma Lynn

Godma Lynn is in town for a visit – for 10 days – so we went out for lunch at Peg’s – unfortunately, Peg’s didn’t have fish – so I had to eat hotdogs with fries because I’m a fussy eater.  And since Godma and Aunt Helena were already very hungry we didn’t want them to go here and there looking for food.  But it turned out that the food came out late too because they had a large take out order – bummer! and by the time I got my food I was so hungry and when I got home – I had an upset tummy !  Godma and Aunt Helena liked their food – hopefully, we get to eat out again before Godma leaves for Toronto.

Report Card For Grade 2 Term 2

I did well for this term 11As and 1B – but mama said that I had it easy this term because I didn’t really learned anything new – but I did good with my reading and alot of spelling words were repeated from last year.

So even though I did better than most kids from the same grade – mama said I had to try harder and do better next term and get an A+ .  My mama is a Tiger mom even though she said she isn’t.

Learning To Wash The Toilet

I told mama that I wanted to help her to wash the toilet – and so she let me – at first she didn’t but daddy said to go ahead – so you see daddy over there telling me what to do.  I didn’t mind washing it – but it was yakky – so I guess for now I would leave the washing of the toilet to mama or daddy but mostly mama does most of the housework at home but daddy does help too when mama starts her military clean up – commanding all of us to do something.

Renovating The Basement

Daddy is renovating the basement again this time – and hopefully we will be successful this year.  Every year we say we will fix the basement but we are either too busy or the contractor or the people daddy had spoken to – never show up and really do the work.  This time – perhaps because the local contractor is recommended by Mr B – we might really get a working basement.  Now someone can use all the t nuts and other bolts that daddy had bought a few years ago – when he had plans to get the basement pretty up.   It would be major renovation work, from putting up walls to rewiring the basement to put in a wood stove.  Also we are having a laundry room – ! woohoo! mama is very happy – she wanted a laundry room for a long time.

Happy 100 Birthday Aunt Guytha

Aunt Guytha’s birthday is today and even though it was raining – I wanted to go – because I love meeting people and I think mama had a hidden agenda.  She wanted to make sure that I know that people do live a long time – because I have been missing my Grammie.  I don’t like that she is in heaven – I prefer that she is here instead.  I had fun at Aunt Guytha’s 100th birthday and I had cake and we met a lot of friends and family there.  Too bad Grampie and Uncle Richard left before we came – and Grammie isn’t here anymore to play with me at the party.