When I’m Not Sick

When I’m not sick I like to play mummy and carry my  baby behind me like Jessica’s mom.  I think that’s all they carry their babies in China – that’s where Jessica’s mummy is from I think.  But I loved doing the same thing like Jessica’s mom – I think it’s cute.

This is just me fooling around and letting mom take a picture of my silliness.

Crazy Hair Day @ School

Friday was crazy hair day at school and I was so excited about it – I couldn’t get to sleep thinking of what kind of hair do – do I want to make for school.  This was what I decided in the end  and mummy and daddy helped me tie my hair in a crazy manner and we went to school late of course.

Crazy hair day is like PJ day at school – we had to pay $1 to wear our hair crazy.  Mummy said it made no sense – but she said it’s alright since it was fund raising for the school and all because I wanted to give $1 to school.   I had fun on Crazy hair day but I didn’t keep my hair like that for the entire day – I took everything out before the school ended.

TV In The Basement

The tv behind me will be going to the basement when my basement is done – so daddy and I are shopping for a flat screen mount for the tv to save us some space – so that we can put other stuff where the tv cabinet is supposed to be at.  Every cabinet is going to be custom made – to put the entertainment unit and daddy said if we mount the tv on the wall – it would look really nice.  I was afraid that the tv may fall down but daddy said they are pretty sturdy and even if I was jumping on the floors – it would shake the tv at all or make it drop.  Our current tv is 52″ but I bet daddy wants a bigger tv for the basement and I would like a bigger tv too.  Can you see how excited I am to get our tv into the basement?

Registering For Summer Camp

My mama is already preparing me for summer camp and it’s not even summer yet.  She called the Boys and Girls club today to make sure that I’m registered for a few days a week there – so that I have some place to play in during the summer.  She tells me that it’s not because they want to get rid of me – but because I needed an organized and supervised play for the summer so I won’t get bored.  So next she will be hunting down some sippy bottles for me to bring with me to camp since the bottles are great for keeping water and milk cool during the hot summer.   Mama said this year – there are lots of cute looking Sigg bottles and now that I’m older – I can use the Sigg bottles instead of sippy cups and sippy bottles.  Afterall, I don’t want my friends in camp to make fun of me for having childish bottles right?   So since Sigg bottles has free shipping now – mama is definitely ordering at least 2 for me – and maybe a few more for my best friends that are going to the same camp as I.

Fun @ Grampie’s On Sunday

Grampie played outdoors with me yesterday and Aunt Helena played Birds and Binoculars with me too twice.  I am a happy camper yesterday and when i got home – i was so tired from all the playing – I fell straight in bed.

My neighbor Jill came over to play with me in the morning too and she had lunch with me – I’m very happy to have a friend have lunch with me.

I was looking for rocks at Grampie’s.

And we went to see my doll house – I don’t know if Grampie will get it ready this year or not.

Mummy Is Obese

I kid you not ! that was what mama doctor told her!  and of course mama wasn’t quite happy and she wants to prove to her doctor that she wasn’t obese at all.  So guess what mama is doing all the time now – she is always on the look out for a good diet pill that don’t have side effects.  So now that she has a different family doctor and everytime she sees her – she would ask her questions like will lipofuze help you lose weight safely? or what is the best diet pill you would recommend ?  I hear it so often I can repeat it to anyone – but it’s funny to see mom try so hard to lose weight because she said it wasn’t just because of what Dr Zia said – it was to keep healthy, so that she has the energy to play with me and also to live a long life – so that she can watch me grow up. I love my mummy very much and I don’t think she is obese – even though she is a little fleshy – I liked that mama is a little fleshy because I love to lie on top of her and lean on her.  But if it makes mama happy to go on a diet – we are all happy for her – but of course no side effects is better.

Cross Stitch With Chloe

Now that Grammie isn’t around anymore there is no one to do any craft stuff with me – so mama and daddy decided to get me some cross stitch to work with me – so that I can be kept busy and keep my mind off Grammie. They don’t want me to feel that without Grammie – I am not going to get to do anymore craft work.

So I just started doing the cross stitch with daddy – because daddy knows all about cross stitch.

Here’s me at the store doing some.

Mama said hopefully this will keep me busy for a bit.

Games I Play

Skylanders Spyro Adventure is one of the games I play with my daddy – because this is my way of spending time with daddy.  Daddy does not seems interested in playing my kinda games – so we have to find a common ground and play games he likes to play like mama needs to find movies that daddy likes to watch – to spend time with him.  This daddy everyone gotta tip toe around him – one day he would be very lonely – if he doesn’t try and accommodate us too and expect us to accommodate him.

Bingo Fun Night @ School

I had an awesome bingo fun night at school – oh ! it wasn’t at our school but the bingo night was organized by our school and we went over to the Junior high school for the evening because they had a bigger canteen there.  The bingo night was a fund raiser to raise funds for our school.   It was my first time playing bingo – and if Grammie was around – she would be an expert in it.

This is my friend Chloe D.  She was at bingo too with her parents and she shared her prize basket with me – how nice she was right?  Mama bought her a book – to thank her for being so kind to me.

Candies and cookies bought at the bingo night – for my friends tomorrow – not for me because I can’t eat too much junk food.

This was a banana with chocolate and sprinkles – unfortunately it turned bad the next day – so I couldn’t bring it for my friends in school – what a bummer.