Josh’s Graduation

My best friend Josh is graduating from Grade 12 today and he is having his prom dance tonight.  Josh and his mother Lynette was so thoughtful, they came to our house , so that Josh and I can take pictures together to remember this day.  Josh was really handsome in his suit and the color blue made him look very handsome indeed.  Congrats Josh! you did it! you graduated!

Slipping Slide Day

Daddy set up the slipping slide for me during the weekend because it was hot and I wanted to play with my neighbors – it was so fun but the water is so cold.  Daddy said he is going to get the plumber to get the water hose outside this summer – so that we don’t have to disturb our neighbor for the hose.  I loved my friends.

Having Fun On Sundays With Mom & Dad

Sundays are family day and mummy and daddy always tries to spend all their time with me – but I complained that they don’t – so their try their hardest not to do anything – and just concentrate on me.  Normally, on sundays we go out for lunch and then head out for groceries and then we head out to grammie’s and grampie’s.

And we have dinner at Grammie’s and grampie’s and we play baseball outdoors and then we have a game of cards like fishing or birds and binoculars and also trouble.  When grammie was around – we would bake together – and now Grampie makes fudge with me.  Mummy is happy that grampie is stepping up – and I’m a happy girl this weekend.

Play Date With Nova

Play date with Nova my friend was fun – she came today to play with me – and we have so much in common.  Nova came home with us after work and we continued playing at my home.  She loved visiting my house and she ate supper at my home.  Nova is a very sweet girl and she always remembers her manners and knows how to say, please and thank you.  Mama said Nova should come play with me often.

E-Reader For Kids

When your daddy owns a electronic store – you can expect to find some really amazing things that are not so expensive.  When daddy found this e-reader from his supplier – mama said to get one for me to try out.  This e-reader can read books, play music, play movies and even record my voice/singing.  It’s really not expensive that’s why mummy and daddy let me have it – else they don’t’ believed in buying expensive stuff for me.  I did play with my e-reader for abit but now mama has it more for herself to watch Chinese movies.

I Sure Love Ice Cream

I sure love my ice cream and these days I can finish more than half of it although my mummy didn’t quite like the idea that I’m eating so much junk.  But I’m a growing girl – so mama said I supposed.  She tries to eat some off my plate – but since she is diabetic – she can’t really eat a lot. Mummy wants me to eat as healthy as possible and she gives me candies and junk food every day but in moderation.

My Club House

My lil’ club house in the basement – that is currently being renovated and painted in pink – it is getting there – and I’m still waiting patiently to play with it but the carpenters are taking a long time.  They had said 3.5 weeks but now it’s way longer – and I’m getting tired of waiting.  Everyday I go home from school and ask mummy and daddy if they are finished yet – and their replies are thus disappointing.  So hopefully, I can play in my club house soon – because my friends wants to come and play too.

My Treehouse

I’m still waiting for my treehouse to be compledted by Grampie – I don’t know if this will be the year – he is going to finish it since Gramnie is no longer around to help him out with the garden.  But first of all he really needs to get some blade sharpening done before he can continue working on my treehouse.  So daddy is going to send some of Grampie’s equipment/blades out for sharpening and maybe this summer Grampie will find some ambition to finish my treehouse which he promised for a couple a years already.  And if Grampie doesn’t maybe Daddy can still use the wood cutter for doing other things like a fence in the backyard and even a swing set.

Baby Alive Doll

Mama bought me the Baby Alive doll on the weekend from Zellers because I had been asking for it for a few weeks now.  I don’t really demand for toys but mama always buys them for me because she never had toys like that – so she wants to give me toys that she didn’t have.  I loved my baby alive doll – now I’m a mummy too.  I’ve been playing with my baby alive doll – and I called her Apple blossom – and my neighbor and friend loved it too.  Mama spoils me – while daddy just rolled his eyes when mama bought this with her zellers gift card.  hahah!

Internet Video Conferencing With Family & Friends From USA

Did you know that I have family and friends around the world?  yes! i sure do and I can show them things I do and talk to them anytime I want because my mama and daddy are pretty internet savvy and we use internet video conferencing whenever my friends and relatives from around the world misses me or I misses them.  Most times it’s because they send me gifts and food plus toys as presents and I have to go on the internet to thank them for their kindness.  I even use the internet video confereing to talk to my grampie when I don’t get to see him weekly.  Like this month, all of us were sick, so we can’t visit grampie so we talk to him online and see him online – that way Grampie won’t feel lonely at all.  So if you have friends and family from around the world ask your mom and dad to get internet video conferencing to chat with them and show them things you do like I do here.  I was showing my mama’s friend – the camp out I made when I was sick.