My BFFFL Graduation Dinner

This is Josh my BFFFL (best friends forever for Life) and today is a very important day for him.  Josh graduated high school today and he is going for his graduation march.  I’m so proud of Josh and I want to graduate like Josh as well.  Josh is so loved – his grammie and grampie came all the way from Halifax to see him graduate and so did his father all the way from Newfoundland.

I bought some shiny presents for Josh – and he liked it.  Thank you Josh – you are so good to me.  I can’t wait for you to come back from your summer holiday.  I’m going to miss you alot.

FirePlace In The Basment

This is where our wood stove was supposed to be but because we have been having a hard time finding someone to come in and get the wood stove put in – daddy decided that he would buy a  gel fireplace  instead.  They are a lot smaller and don’t take up too much space  and a lot safer and no ashes and smoke to worry about or to deal with.  Plus they look and sound like real fire places and there isn’t really a fire in there, so no worries about it being a fire hazard. But it does give out heat to keep us warm in the basement and a lot cheaper too, I love this idea a lot better.  So hopefully, the gel fireplace will come really soon.

Selling Fake Hot Dogs At Grampie’s

It’s Father’s day today and we went to Grampie’s to celebrate Father’s day with him of course.  Mama said now that Grammie ain’t around, the more we have to visit Grampie more often.

We asked Grampie what he would like for Father’s day – and he said a piece of steak would be nice – so we bought him a piece of steak and daddy is here BBQing the steak for Grampie.  And I am selling hot dogs at Grampie’s with fake leaves and stones – just for fun.

Here’s Grampie and I just chatting and trying to sell Grampie some hotdogs and salad.

Spending A Day With Jasmine

I have a date with Jasmine today and we went for lunch and then to feed the duckies and we went to the playground, Jasmine came to our house to play on the trampoline too.  She has one at home too but i can’t go there because mama is scared of cats and Jasmine has quite a few.

I had so much fun with Jasmine.  Mama loves Jasmine a lot because she is such a strong girl.

Lunch With My Best Friend For Life

I had lunch with my best friend for life – Josh Hayward at Marco’s Grill in town – my mummy and his mummy came along with us.  The restaurant was very nice and they seated us on a rustic dining table  and I chose to sit opposite my BFL – Josh.  The restaurant was quiet and we like it that way because we can have a leisure lunch if it wasn’t so busy.

This is my best friend for life – Josh – he is awesome to me and his mother Lynette is the best lady ever – she brought us to feed the ducks after lunch and I had so much fun but that would be another story for another day.  Josh loves his mother very much and he loves good food.

I had fish and chips from the kid’s menu and they were like $5.99 with drinks and ice cream – really cheap and really value for money.  I had a good meal – the fish was awesome and the lady at the restaurant got my food ready in a jiffy because I was so hungry by 1.30pm.  I ate first – and I had pop for a drink and a chocolate ice cream.

A Visit To The Optometrist

So I went to the optometrist last week because my mama wants me to have my eye checked like any other normal kids who are in school.  So off to Dr Robicheaud we went – at the building near to our store.  I was kinda worried at first but the eye doctor’s clinic was very nice and cozy.

Dr Robicheaud was very nice to me and he tested my eyes and guess what – I need glasses !  I’m short-sighted like my mama and daddy.  I can see clearer with the test lenses.

So here I am tested out the frames to see which ones I liked.

I chose a pink one and a golden one – and mama asked for the anti-scratched and anti-glare ones – the girls at the clinic seems surprised that we are spending so much money on the glasses – they came up to $377 and daddy paid for it.  I’ll be having my glasses in a few days – I can’t wait – I so excited.

Basement Done

Yes! our basement is completed finally after 7 weeks !  but our windows needs looking into our replacement.  So daddy checking with  richmond windows  for the price of a replacement window before the carpenters come and finish up the framing of the window for us.  Why? because there is water coming thru’ the basement windows and the carpenters said that it would be better to get it looked at first or replaced before doing anything else.  So we are waiting for daddy to find out more before moving everything from upstairs to downstairs.  Can’t wait to play there.

I’m A Walking Advertisement For The Store

For those who are not aware of this – my daddy owns his own computer and game store in this town and a few days ago, they specially made this t-shirt for me – because I’m the little boss of the store.  So you better be nice to me for one day I may be running the store.

But for now, I’ll just do my part as a walking advertisement for the store.  Hope everyone sees it and finds it funny and will remember our store when they need anything – from computer repairs to games and systems.

Cigars For Grampie

We have to buy some cigars for Grampie as a peace offering from mummy.  Why because mama asked Grampie to pick up our old dryer and he came immediately even though he wasn’t feeling good.  So grampie is grouchy about it and mama said lets  buy gurkha cigars  for grampie and he won’t be upset with mama anymore.  Yes, grampie is easy to please and he does like his cigars and now that Grammie is not around, he can smoke all the cigars he wants.   And these cigars are pretty good ones – at $11 a  piece – so grampie should be a happy grampie soon.

Daddy Loves Reading

Daddy loves reading alot – maybe that’s why i love reading too now.  Seeing daddy read all kinds of books from  brad sugars business coach  to biography of famous people and successful businessmen to Sci-fi fantasy – like The Wheel of Time series – is really inspiring for me because I would imitate daddy and read when we are eating or when we don’t have the tv on in the evenings.  Sometimes, I even make mummy laugh by reading in the toilet like daddy does.  We have lots of magazines and story books in the bathroom, so I guess someone must be doing some sort of reading in there.  I prefer reading with daddy because mummy is very fierce when it comes to reading – she wants me to say the words exactly like it is – and make no mistake.  So i get grouchy and tell her that I want to read with daddy instead.  When I grow up I want to read all the books I can find and become a successful lawyer.