Things That Keeps Me Busy

When I’m at the store and daddy has to work, mummy usually brings me out with her friends and she buys things from the dollar store for me to keep me busy.  This is some DIY thingie that I only played with for one day but it cost mummy maybe $1 and it kept me interested for a bit – so that I don’t disturb daddy when he has to play Magic the Gathering or when he has customers at the store.

Other times I would draw for mummy and give her the drawing because mama loves all my drawing very much.  She likes this one the best because I say she is the Queen and I make her look so pretty.   Unlike daddy, he is usually busy with the store or with his games, I spend  alot of time with mummy because she puts me first.

I Want To Play Games On My Computer

Daddy bought a few games for me to play on my PC but my computer is an old one maybe – or it needs more ram to run the games.  To speed up pc  daddy bought a software – to help with it – so that my computer can run faster and I can play all kind of games now.  I’m happy now and no more calling for daddy all the time when my computer stops or when i need to reboot in the middle of the game.  No more freezing screen and no more getting frustrated with the computer from now on.

The Parade

The parade for the summer is here again and it’s for the children mostly but the town does come together on this day and the roads are blocked and there were people everywhere on this day.  Here’s me and my friend Jasmine waiting for the parade to start just outside our store.

The Seafest queen were the first on the parade because it is afterall, the Seafest Parade right?

Jim M – as usual in his unicycle.

Fishermen and mermaids were the theme for this year’s seafest and this is Dominic’s dad on the  float.

The pipers and their skirts – they sounded really nice.

I think this is Jungle Jim’s.

Some guy with his blow up doll.

The Shriners – everyone’s favorite but this year – they didn’t show much of their cute looking vehicles.

The Marching band.

The horses too!

The clowns.

This one is cute – the mermaid caught by the fishermen – but they were one person in costume.

The Arcadian ladies from Par-en-Bas.  I enjoyed the parade, this year was a bit longer than usual – an hour – and it was very hot – glad it wasn’t me in the parade though.

Online Games Fit For Kids

I loved to  play online games  but mummy and daddy are very careful and selective as to what I can play online – they watch over me like a hawk whenever I play my webkinz games but mummy found a new site that is suitable for kids like myself.  They have  Scooby Doo , Powerpuff girls and a food game – that is actually a game to test your brain power.   It’s not difficult to load the online games – it doesn’t take up any memory on your hard drive for it’s online and if your internet is decent – daddy said he doesn’t see any problem with any kids playing with it.

I don’t play a lot of online games but when I do, mummy wants to make sure that I learned something out of it – like patience and using some brain juice to think of a solution. There are lots of games you can play on this site – about 329 online games and all of them are colorful and the animation seems pretty good too. I can play online games for the entire day – but of course mummy won’t allow me to do so – everything in moderation  – so I’ve learned but it sure kept me occupied while mummy and daddy have to work.

Fun, Fun, Fun On Bouncy Ship

This year I am very happy I could go on the bouncy ship with my friend, we invited her to join us and her parents said it was ok.  I had so much fun on the bouncy ship and I’m sure my friend had fun too.  Auntie H – stayed with us the entire day – i bet she must be tired after spending the day with us.  I wished they had the bouncy ship the entire summer for children in town.

PS :  that’s me sliding down – can you see me?

At The Mall With Daddy

Shopping at the mall with daddy has become a routine for us on Sundays and I know exactly where daddy would go to at the mall – first it has to be Game Stop for games of course and then it has to be The Source for  golf and gps equipment  or any kind of computer or electronic stuff.  So if we ever loses daddy in the mall – we have no worries because he is either at the Source or in Game Stop looking for a game or two.As for me I loved the dollar store, the card store and the book store – sometimes when we are at Zellers I like to go to the Toy department – but like daddy said – it’s not all about me all the time – so sometimes I let them shop for the things they like too.   I do like The Source, the people there are friendly and they don’t mind having me around and asking questions.

Even Our Bears Are Friends Again

A week ago, Nova got mad with me when I kicked the ball before she could turn around to kick the ball back at me.  She started crying and mama had to send her back quickly because mama thinks that Nova is missing her brother and father a lot – so she is a wee bit sensitive.  Nova didn’t call to come over and play for a week and mama brought me over to Auntie Soo Lee’s store to chat with Nova.  Then we became friends again.

The next day Nova called to come play with me – but I was going out for lunch – so Nova came along with us for lunch and had an ice cream instead.

Multi-Cultural Festival In Town

Last year mummy attended the multi-cultural festival in town – she wanted to go for the wine-tasting because she loved good wine – and wine from different countries are different tasting according to her.  Unfortunately, my daddy don’t like wine nor socializing so mummy was left to go on her own.  This year the  coordinators   were just as great as the ones from last year – and mama wants to go too – but this time with her girlfriends, alas – the multi-cultural festival was held during the days that we had to go to Moncton for a wedding – so this year – mama is going to miss all the goodies from the multi-cultural event.  Bummer!  But the wedding was great as well and families are more important – so next year – we will be sure to attend and I’m sure it is going to be just as good since the event co-ordinators are so much more experienced already.

Eating Out With My Friend At Marco’s

It’s Sunday and it’s family day but today was a little bit special and different because my friend and Auntie Hyunjin joined us for lunch.  Daddy was surprised that my friend’s parents would agree to let her have lunch with us out of our home but I had a great time.  We both had fish and chips and apple juice and also ice cream.  We played while eating but we listened to mama and daddy and didn’t make too much noise.  I hope I get to go out and eat with different friends of mine in the future.

Feng Shui For Our Store

We just came back from our vacation in Dieppe, New Brunswick and every eatery that we had been too had  Indoor Fountains  in their store.  Mama said it’s because of feng shui – and even Manchu Wok at the mall’s food court had some sort of indoor fountain on their logo – amazing!  So mama is currently looking for the similar kind of indoor fountain to feng shui our store. Mama said these indoor fountains had come down in prices – so we can definitely afford it – not only does it look good – it should bring us more money in the store.