A Beautiful Bride and I

This is my cousin Richard’s wife – Christina – she is a very beautiful and friendly bride and I went to Moncton for her wedding.  The wedding was fun, there was dancing and a lot of talking.  I enjoyed the wedding and the wedding cake that Christina kept for me to bring home.  Thank you Christina – you are an awesome bride!

Me & My Cousin Gabriel In Moncton

This is my cousin Gabriel from Toronto, we didn’t really grow up together but we see each other during special occasions.  Gabriel is Cousin Mark’s son and Aunt Renette’s grandson – so we are 3rd cousins I think.  I tried to play with him during this trip in Moncton but he was very shy and didn’t really wanna play with me.  Oh well, maybe the next time.  We used to play when we were younger but I guess he must think that I’m a girl so he doesn’t feel comfy playing with me and I don’t understand it at all.  Hopefully, we can get to play more often.

Savings and Investment

My mama always say that I’ve more money than daddy or her combined but I don’t know anything about savings and investment but I know that my daddy does all my savings.  As for investment, daddy always say that only money can make money, so he likes to dabble a bit with properties and some stocks.  But don’t ask me about it, if you need to know anything about investment, daddy has the  annuities calculator  to help him with all kinds of money issues.   I know I’m going to have a great future because my mom and dad are already doing all the planning for me.  Mummy tells me all the time that she wants me to have a better life than she had when she was growing up, plus I want to be able to put mummy and daddy in a good old folks home – like they always tell me.

New Sandals From Moncton

We were at the Children’s Place buying clothes for me in Moncton when I saw this sandals and asked mummy to get it for me.  Of course, it’s daddy paying for it and since mummy said it was ok to buy, daddy usually don’t argue about it.  Mummy gets me everything I want for clothes and fashion, she likes that I’m fashionable and she tries to dress me well for all occasion.  I wore this sandals for the wedding of my cousin Richard who got married last month.  Of course, we bought a lot more things than just sandals, mummy bought loads of clothing for me and comforter and hair bands as well.

My Favorite Aunt

Auntie Hyunjin is not my real aunt but she is mama’s close friend – she is like a sister to mama – so she is like an aunt to me.  Auntie Hyunjin is very kind to me and she plays with me a lot.  We have been spending a lot of time together this summer and we went to New Minas together today and Auntie Hyunjin drove us around for shopping and playing at the arcade and park.  She is so awesome to me – I don’t really have an aunt her in Canada – well, not an asian one because mama’s family is in Singapore, so Auntie Hyunjin is the next best thing from being a real Aunt.  But I hope Auntie Hyunjin can be my real aunt because she is an absolutely awesome person.

Special Watch For A Special Aunt

 I know my aunt loves to play golf because she wants to go to the golf club every weekend with my mama.  Since here birthday is coming soon, we went shopping for  golf and gps equipment  and saw this special watch that does special golf stuff for people who loves to play golf.  So now my favorite aunt can have a sport watch and a GPS for her golf games, it’s pretty neat.  It’s a bit expensive for me to buy it but with mama helps – we can get something that my aunt like.  So if you have a favorite aunt who loves golf, you may want to buy her this special watch too.