My Dad Owns Gator Byte

Everyone in school asked me if my dad owns Gator Byte and I replied “yes” – I sometimes wonder why they are so curious about if my dad is the owner of Gator Byte and then mummy explained that since it’s a game store, that must be reason why kids are curious because they must like game store.   So I told mummy that daddy should make me some kind of name tag like the  desk name plates  we have at the store with my information on it – saying ” the girl whose dad owns gator byte”  but that would be too long.  So maybe, a name tag that says ” Gator Byte’s daughter” ?   Mummy said I was being silly and name tags and desk name plates are for people who are working in offices or in retail store and if they made me a name tag like that people would think I’m just being silly – hahha!  But that would work I replied.

No More Training Wheels

I finally wrote on the bike with no training wheels a few days ago ! woohoo!!  now I can ride anywhere with my bike and not worry about getting stuck and I can even go on bike rides with my dad and mum.  I wrote on my neighbor Kyle’s smaller bike first and it only took me a minute to learn how to ride without the wheels, after showing off to daddy, I told daddy to take off the training wheels of my own bike.  Thanks to Kyle for showing me that there is nothing to be afraid of, now I can’t wait to go home everyday from school to ride my bike and my buttock hurts from riding the bike too much – but that’s alright, I told mummy this morning.

Swimming Class

Today I started my first swimming lesson at the YMCA and it was pretty awesome but a bit scary.  The swimming course started last week but I was still recovering from a sniffle so mummy and daddy didn’t allowed me to go – because they don’t want me to get an infected chest.  My friends who also had the sniffle they went for their first swimming class last week – mummy said that their parents are a lot braver than her – because mummy is too afraid that I might get sick again, she didn’t dare take the risk.   I’m going to be going for swimming every Wednesday for another 8 weeks.  Wished Grammie was here to see me swim but mama said that Grammie  was watching me from heaven while she is picking peas in Heaven.

Visiting The Senior’s Home

 Mummy and Dad does a lot of work with the Senior’s home in town.  We visit some Senior’s home every weekend before going to visit Grampie – so our weekend is quite packed with things to do.  My mummy believed in giving back to the community, so when I was born – they decided that they would go do stuff for the seniors and what better way to teach me humility and generosity of giving our time to the needy.   We not only read to the seniors, we sing and we play chess or any kind of board games they enjoy.  Some of them wear hearing aids and daddy would change their  hearing aid batteries  for them while he is there.  Sometimes, one or two of them have trouble with their computers and daddy help them get rid of viruses or teach them what to do in the future.  Many a times, daddy would look up for information for the seniors or order books for them. We do enjoy our visit to the Senior’s home every weekend – what do you do during the weekend, Kaimah?

To The Apple Farm Without Grammie

This year summer without Grammie had been really hard for me, I try not to think too much about it but sometimes like coming to the Apple Farm where Grammie worked for the last 15 years is hard.  But I do go because I want to pick apples for my school and class.

I did have fun picking lots of Macintosh apples but I went home crying because I missed my Grammie.

Everyone at the Apple Farm missed Grammie too but mummy said that going to the apple farm will bring good memories not only to us but to the people who loved her at the apple farm because seeing me grow, they would feel comforted because they know how much Grammie loves me.

Puppet Time After A Bath

This is me after a bath, I like to act silly sometimes and do puppet shows with my socks because I want to make my mummy laugh and she thinks I’m silly and all.   I have my pants on my head and my socks on my hands and then I make a puppet show.  Daddy doesn’t get to see me act funny because he doesn’t know how to laugh when I act silly but my mummy does – so I do stuff with her when daddy isn’t around.

Stop Bullying Day

Today is STop Bullying day in town, we all were asked to wear pink if possible and of course, i loved to wear pink.  In the afternoon, all classes in our school went for a walk in support of no bullying day.

We chanted “stop bullying” all the way on main street.

See these are the older kids.

And more kids.

And this is me – walking and waving at mummy.

Apples & Pears For My Class

As usual, mummy would bear apples and plums for my class every year and this year is no difference even though Grammie is not around.  It was raining this morning and mummy still carried the heavy apples to my class for me.  I think she doesn’t want me to feel sad that now Grammie isn’t around and there is no apple to pass around.  I’m happy because my friends all got to eat apples and so did my teachers in the school.

Learning To Play On My Own

Learning to play on my own after school seems to be on mama’s mind these days.  I am not put in the after school program yet this year because mummy thinks that I play too much after school and that I should rest.

So today I’m learning to play with play dough and so far I’m ok with not going to after school program. Mummy said hopefully I don’t have to go for the After School Program because I’ve karate and then swimming this year – already a lot on my plate.

Gift From Aunt Helena From Toronto

Guess what Aunt Helena bought for me from Toronto?  nail polish and some nail clipper from Hello Kitty and toes separator !  hahahha!!!  Aunt Helena must think I’m older than I am!  I don’t use nail polish !  mummy don’t allowed it when I am going to school and school just started.  But it was nice of her – I can use it during Christmas holidays I guess.