Bike Ride With Dad

It was such a nice day today and dad said he wanted to bring me out for a bike ride – as we won’t be getting a lot of good weather from now on.   Unfortunately, we can’t bring our bikes to grampie unless dad gets some  kuat racks at  – so today we only went on the old train track to ride our bikes together.   Dad said that I can note it down in the school paper I brought home for doing healthy stuff with our parents for half an hour a day or 3 times a week.  I wished that dad had more time to go riding with me, so maybe next year when he gets that kuat rack, we can bring our bikes to the beach or to Grampie’s and ride around.

What I Do After School?

When school is done for the day, daddy picks me up and we go back to daddy’s store and I play school after I have a snack.  Sometimes, I watch a movie – other times, I play with my toys or I make sure that mummy can’t do her work because I get bored easily.

I can only play on my own for like 10 mins and then I want attention from someone – coz’ i have to share whatever I’m doing with someone.  Mama said she probably should adopt another kid from China, so that I have a sister.  But I said no because I don’t want to share mummy with anyone nor my toys.

My New Skylanders Game

Look who got the new Skylanders Giant game?  ME OF COURSE!  I’m spoilt to the max – mama said but daddy is really smart – he brings his old games to EB games and gets credit for it and trade them in for this new game – so technically, daddy didn’t spend the full price for the new game.  But I’m still pretty much spoilt – now I can play the new Skylanders game with daddy on Sunday.  I have a lot of figurines for the Skylander game already but I collect them as they come along.

Goodbye Nova

Nova my friend is leaving Yarmouth in a few days.  Today we brought her home for a play date because it will be a long time before I see Nova again.  Nova’s mom wants to go back to Sydney to look after her brother – and even though I don’t like it because Nova is a good friend, I’m afraid it must be the best thing for Nova because she misses her brother a lot too. Good bye Nova!  I hope to see you in the summer next year – please don’t forget me – I will miss you in school.

Crazy Hat Day At School

It was crazy hat day a few days ago and mama did some magic on one of my hats so that I wouldn’t feel left out on crazy hat day.  Normally, I don’t do nothing but this year, mama felt a need to let me join in the fun.  So while I was sleeping she did some crazy stuff on my hat and then sewed on a doll to the side of the hat.  I didn’t win nothing but it was fun and everybody loved my candy cane  and was chasing me for candy canes.  The next time mama said I have to give her advance notice, so that she can make my hat even crazier.

Swimming In The Hotel

My favorite thing that I do when we are on vacation is to go swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool but the last time we went on vacation, my Aunty H was with me and she went swimming with me for 2 times – I had a fabulous time.  There weren’t much people in the pool but there were some ladies in  Maternity Swimwear  and they looked really nice in their maternity swimwear.  Mama said that she wished she knew where to get them when she was pregnant with me and Aunty H asked the ladies where they got their maternity swimwear from and they told Aunty H.  Aunty H, is buying one for a friend who is having a baby too.  Mama and Aunty H loved going shopping, so I guess our trip to the city this time was fruitful.

My First Yellow Stripe In Karate

Yes! finally my first yellow stripe in karate after months and months of training.  Everyone had already gotten theirs but I’m slower because I’m shy in front of my Sinseh.  So mummy let me continue taking up Karate even during the summer break and here I am finally.  Teagan was very happy for me and mama said she was a good friend  because good friend do feel happy for the other when they do well.  I don’t understand this yet but mama said I will when I am older.  I do like karate classes thus far and I have been having lessons for a long time.  Now to get my 2nd and 3rd yellow stripes and then I will have an orange belt – I’m so excited I wrote to Grammie in heaven to let her know about it.