Picture Perfect With My Favorite People

We didn’t have school today – so Auntie Hyunjin, Aunty Kim and Jasmine came to visit – we went to the park and then to Macdonald’s to have some dessert.  I ended up eating fries from Aunty Hyunjin because I just recovered from a cough and Jasmine had ice cream.  I’m so jealous! but i had fun – and I know i might get ice cream another day.

Cigars For Christmas

Christmas is coming – only about 7 weeks, mummy told me and I reminded mummy and daddy that they have to buy some  cigars for Grampie this Christmas and Grampie likes the hoyo de monterrey double corona ones.  We have to order them now, so that they will arrived before Christmas and then I can wrap them up in my pretty pink gift wraps that I bought from the dollar store.   I want to take my time to wrap them because this year, I learned to wrap better and I want to surprise my grampie with the cigars – he would never guess that I have cigars wrapped in pink wrapper – it would be funny to see his face light up when he unwraps the gift.  I love Christmases!

My Grampie’s DIY Project

Grampie loves to start with his DIY project – from fixing his tractor to trying to make me a doll house in the yard because he can get all he needs for his project from  Reid Supply.  I know so because daddy does all the ordering of parts for him – from bolts to any kind of tools anyone could need for their DIY projects or even bigger ones.  But grampie is fixing up his house this year and all he gets are the industrial tools, like the hydraulic tools for jacking up the house, so that they can fix under the house.  Its a huge project and Grampie cannot do it alone, so there is a lot of people in Grampie’s house these days.  When we visit Grampie on Sunday, Grampie show us what had been done for the week and he is really proud of it.  Unfortunately, Grammie is not around anymore to be proud of Grampie but we are! and Uncle Richard really need to help Grampie abit more.

Sarah’s Birthday Present

Sarah my longest friend from baby loved monster highs – so when we saw this at Shopper’s Drug Mart – we had to get this for her.  Even though mama said I can’t get anything – we still got this for Sarah – and it’s alright with me – because I understand.  I didn’t fuss and I didn’t cry at all.  I was happy to get this for Sarah – I know Sarah would loved this.  Happy birthday, Sarah!

A Cowgirl For Halloween 2012

So I was a cowgirl for this Halloween and mama said this was a cheap Halloween because all she needed to get for me was a bandana from Dollar store at the mall.  The cowgirl hat is grammie’s and all the clothing I already have them and my brown boots too.

This Halloween was really special because Shiny Josh and Aunt Lynette and my friend Oliver from school went trick or treating with me.  I had such a fun nite.  Shiny Josh was a doctor and Aunt Lynette was a dancing nun.

Even the dog is all dressed up for Halloween.  We were at Uncle Jerry’s house and this dog belongs to Kim – daddy’s cousin.

My friend from school Oliver and her mom came trick a treating with us and here we are at Sarah’s house checking out our loot.  Oliver was all sweaty and I was all sweaty too.

This is Sarah and her mom Adele and she is my longest friend – we have been friends since I was a baby.