Working On New Year’s Eve

Not me silly!  i’m just at the store with my daddy and mummy who is working on New Year’s Eve since Gary already worked on Boxing day – so it’s time for Gary to take a rest.  Daddy said he hopes it is busy else he would be doing some paper work and doing some  Letterhead Printing  for the store in preparation for next year.  Come 2013, the store will be in business for 14 years, so some new letterheads are in order according to daddy.  Thus far it had been a very busy morning at the store for us – but I’m helping daddy pick his new letterheads for the store – I think daddy is trying to keep me very busy so that he can serve the customers.  Anyhow, Happy New Year to everyone and wishing all a grand year next year.

School Concert 2012

We did have our school concert this year before we started our Christmas holidays.  This year it was at at Beacon church, I guess it is because it’s bigger than the church we had used the previous years – and we only need to perform at one concert instead of splitting it to two concerts. Anyhow, this year’s concert is in the evening and by the time we arrived the carpark was pull.  Lucky for us, Mr R stays nearby and we parked at his place and walked to church which wasn’t too far away.

Mom, Dad and Auntie Hyunjin enjoyed the concert as much as i had enjoyed performing on stage – in fact, I think I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering the entire song. The church was packed with proud parents as you can see here and everyone was taking pictures, mom said Auntie Hyunjin was more excited about filming the concert haha !

On Christmas Morning


Christmas morning came and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because I was too excited about Santa coming and I woke mum up several times like usual.  Mom was upset till she saw her watch from daddy !  and Santa did come but this year I didn’t get a lot of toys I got more books than anyone in the family!  I am not a very happy kid this morning ! but at least someone else was happy this morning – MOM!

I got a tonka truck from Santa, Monster High dolls from Aunt Lynette, a bike from Grampie and money from Uncle Richard, lots of clothes from mom and dad and a Barbie doll from Auntie Hyunjin and Auntie Kim gave me a lot of everything.  Godma Lina gave me cash $100 and Auntie Yan gave me some PJs.   I did have a good Christmas but I do miss my grammie a lot.

Birthday Cake For School

I had another birthday party at school on the 19th !  because mama wants me to celebrate with my friends in school since i can’t invite everyone to my party at the bowling alley.   I also think that mama wants to give me another party because Grammie is no longer around to spoil me – so she feels bad about it.  But I had a great time at school, my home room teachers were great and we even had a pinata and all.  And guess who came to school to say Happy Birthday to me?  SANTA!!  yes! i’m that special – but little do i know that it was mama who had arrange for Santa to come visit me in school.  I love my mummy!  I hope that when I become a teenager – I will remember how much I love my mummy and how much she loved me.

My 9 Years Old Birthday Party

I chose to have my birthday party at the bowling alley this year – as you an see here.  I’ve invited some of my closest friends, Oliver, Josie from school, Dominic my oldest friend but he didn’t come.  Jessica, Jasmine, Cole, Jill, Kyle, Shiny Josh my best friend forever, Auntie Lynette, Sarah, Skye, Layla (from school too) and of course, my favorite aunt – Auntie Hyunjin. Grampie came and so did Uncle Lloyd and I had a great birthday party with my friends.

Rubi My Birthday Present

Rubi my huggly doll was bought for me by my kai mah Lina!  thank you Kai Mah! yer the best!  I wanted it as soon as I saw it at Sandy’s gift store – you know the nice lady who is the town councilor now – yes her !  she had so many at her store but mummy wouldn’t buy it for me immediately.  So Kai Mah bought it for me instead.  The next day, we went to pick it all up and it was all wrapped up so nicely for me by Sandy – thank you Sandy!  it was very nice of you.  Of course, I couldn’t wait for mama to take a picture of the beautiful gift wrapping because I tore it up when mama was doing the dishes.  Sorry mama – i was just too excited to hug my doll.

Simple Toys

When I have to stay home with mummy alone and no friends came to knock on our door – I will play on my own with toys that I have or haven’t played with for a long time.  I love playing with blocks and these I have had for many years since I was 3 years old I think and I still play with them sometimes.  Mummy wants me to learn how to play on my own – so while she is washing her dishes in the kitchen I play with my blocks in the tv room upstairs.  Now we have 2 tv rooms – 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs.