A Date With Auntie H

As usual we have a date with Auntie Hyunjin on Fridays for lunch and this time I was able to go because it was a snow day even though there wasn’t much snow.  Shawn a long time friend at the store came by too – because he wants to get to know Auntie H. better but Auntie H. didn’t know that Shawn was coming.  We had a nice lunch as usual but the rest of the girls didn’t come – because they were busy.  Anyone can join mummy for lunch on Friday at Boston Pizza – this is one day a week, she catches up with everyone.

Printing Made Easy

During the Christmas break, daddy and I did a lot of things together and one of them was going to the store all day with him till supper time.  So to keep me busy, daddy showed me a few things I can do to help him at the store, like removing tacks from the videos that were rented out and peeling stickers off movies that are ready for sale in the sale bin.  What I liked most is to tag the movie prices on them before putting them in the bin.  But this Christmas break, I also helped daddy choose the printing needs for the store, the  Web To Print Workflow  from the printing company that he uses was pretty easy to use, even I was able to help daddy picked the envelopes and letterheads that we need for the store.

Daddy also ordered some new brochures for the store and business cards and i helped him do everything on the internet.  This web to print workflow was easy to use and even though I’m only 9 years old, I knew exactly where to go to for anything I might need in the future.   Daddy said he wished all printing companies had this software that way, everyone can benefit from ordering online without having to leave the office to do it. It’s personalized service without having to make extra effort.

I’m A Pretty Lucky Girl

I think I’m a pretty lucky girl – this year – this is my 3rd birthday cake.  One for my party at the bowling alley, another for school with my classmates and now one from Aunt Helena at Grampie’s !  whoohoo!!  yes, this year Grammie is not around but I’m still very much loved by everyone around me – I know that everyone wants to make me feel loved, I’m totally blessed.

Sleeping Bags For Kids

I loved my sleeping bag that I had gotten for my Christmas present from Santa – but I need more  gear for camping campbound before Summer when I go camping with my Godma Lynn.  Godma Lynn is coming back for the summer and she is bringing me out for camping with Uncle Fernand.  Santa is so smart and this sleeping bag that I’ve gotten from Santa is going to keep me really warm.  Godma said that some camping bags have got built in pillow and it feels like you are in a very warm room because of the material it is made from.  My sleeping bag is soft and it’s breathable, so I know that I will get plenty of fresh air even though I’m kept warm inside the sleeping bag. Godma has all the camping furniture and cooking utensils when we go camping, I just have to bring my sleeping bag and mosquito repellant and I’m all set.


Presents From Australia

I came back from school and saw a package for me from Australia !! woohoo!! more Christmas pressies even after Christmas?  am I blessed or what!!  you know mummy has got friends all over the world and Auntie Charmaine from Sydney Australia sent some stationary for me – and I loved them!

She must know I loved drawing/coloring and writing – see everything in it – just what i needed.  Thank you Auntie Charmaine!  I love my present so much!

And a calendar from Australia !  just what i needed because this morning, I was just telling mama that I didn’t have a new calendar for the year 2013!  Auntie Charmaine must be a genius ! she knew what i needed!  thank you so much !! Auntie Charmaine!