A Trip To Church In Meteghan

A few weeks ago, it was Grammie’s death anniversary.  The family arranged for a memorial mass for Grammie at a church in Meteghan and the entire family was invited.   Daddy said that if there were some  activity buses for sale  – this would be a good time to buy one, so that he can pick up everyone and make this trip together and also to go to the cemetry after church.  Of course, we had lunch at Meteghan too and even though not everyone went for lunch at the restaurant, we still had a good 15 family who came to the restaurant with us.  I loved to ride on activity buses like for school trips and stuff but since our family is huge, having an activity bus may not be a bad investment at all. It would be so fun to be able to take road trips together.

Playing Pool With Dad

I loved playing pool, in fact, I try and play pool when I am at the YMCA but there wasn’t really anyone to play with me when I’m at the YMCA.  So when daddy said he wanted to play pool with me, of course, I’m happy.  We went to daddy’s friends house in the country to play pool – and even though he was not in town, it was better than going to Dooly’s to play because I’m just a kid.

We played for like 2 hrs before we headed home for supper  – and I wished that we had a big enough basement just to have a pool table – unfortunately, we don’t have such a huge space, so for now, we just have to play at a friend’s house.

Reunion Dinner With Chinese Kids

Gong Hei Fatt Choy !  today is Chinese new year and like every year we have dinner at the Zhu’s with some Chinese friends and of course, we also received ang pows  (red packets with money in them).  Last nite, we already called Singapore and wished my Godma Lina Gong Hei Fatt Choy – unfortunately, the weather was so bad we kept getting disconnected.  See the blue cheong sum – it was Godma lina who bought it for me from Singapore.  Thank You Godma Lina!