Easter Present For Grampie

Easter is this weekend and every year, mummy and daddy tries to get something for grammie and grampie but now that grammie is not around, we decided to get something special for grampie.  Cigars!!!! and not just the ordinary ones – but the  partagas  cigars that Grampie likes.  When Grammie was still around, we don’t want to buy cigars for Grampie because she doesn’t like the smell but mummy loved the smell better than cigarettes.  So  now we can order the cigars online for Grampie and we had already done so earlier this month. I’m sure Grampie will enjoy it – because I saw the cigar box emptied earlier this month.  Great suggestion eh?

Heritage Fair In School

This is my first Heritage Fair in school and this is my project here – I talked about animals and owl was what i chose to talk and write about because grammie loved Owls.  I had fun doing it and I was very proud to present it to my class.

Mummy and daddy took time off to come visit the Heritage Fair but Auntie Hyunjin had forgotten all about it *sigh* – poor Auntie Hyunjin – she missed out on all the fun.

These were all made by my classmates – they did a pretty good job too.

My best friend Hailey  and I – I liked Hailey a lot because she is very nice to me.

This was done by an older kid from an older grade.

Another one at the school walkway.  Mama said they all did a very good job.

This is Chloe D – she is in Grade 4 and she did a good job too.

And this is about the lighthouse of Cape Forchu – very well done – mama said.  Next year, I’m gonna do another project – like the big girls and boys.

Easter Present For Uncles

I asked my uncle what he wanted for Easter because he didn’t ask me what I want, he said he wanted a  dovo straight razor  but I can’t buy a razor for him since I’m a kid.  So instead daddy went to order one for him online.  Daddy said that these straight razors are used for shaving many years ago but he didn’t know what my Uncle is going to use it for.  Maybe, he likes to shave the old way or it’s cleaner to shave this way? I’ll have to ask him when I see him during Easter.  If you don’t know what to get your uncles for Easter, you may want to ask them if they want a straight razor, they may want to shave the old way too.

Hot Cocoa @ Sip Cafe

Sip Cafe opened its door for a few months now but we haven’t really gone into it to try out the food and drinks.  It’s a little like Starbucks and mama said that in the summer – they are going to have like a sidewalk cafe and we are all excited about it.  As our little town needs a lot more places like that  – where there is wifi – and a good sitting area for people to enjoy their hot cocoa and go on the internet.

The hot cocoa with marshmallows were awesome too and the barista was really nice to me.

I like the seat there – where I can watch people walking and the cars goes by.

Yummy!  love the Sip Cafe!

A Visit To A Music Studio

Mom wants me to take up a musical instrument because she said that it is good for my concentration – apparently she don’t think I can concentrate enough.  So we took a visit to the music studio where the music teacher is – and I loved the place – not only does the teacher has pianos in the studio, he has drums as well as  esp guitars  .  So I guess this music teacher must be very musically inclined and must teach more than just the piano – so I asked if I can learn how to play the drum instead because I loved Rock and Roll instead.  Mom was of course amused and told me that I can learn how to play the drum once I’ve mastered how to play the piano – so here we go – piano lessons it is for me.

Snow Day

It’s a snow day at school today – meaning NO SCHOOL!  JOY! for me but not so much for mama because she needs to keep me from being bored and I’m going to disturb her and she won’t get any work done.  I went out to play with the snow before we left for work and daddy came to help me.  This is my first real snowman of the year – I did make one with my neighbor Jill but it was really small because the snow wouldn’t pack good that day.

Daddy helped me with the bigger snowman because it was too heavy for me to carry it up.

The rest of the snowman I did them myself and made another one for sitting.

Here’s me trying to pack the snowman tighter.

Papa snowman, mama snowman and me – snowman.  Do you see how much they looked like my parents?

Music Concert In Hotel

We were up in the city attending a concert that mummy wanted to watch and this was after the concert – we went back to the hotel to eat.  The concert wasn’t my type of concert but mummy said that they used the native instrument  for the concert and she really liked the concert.  Daddy had to come with us of course otherwise, no one will drive us up to the city, the concert was 2 hrs – and while mummy was at the concert, daddy and I stayed in the hotel and had fun till mummy came back.  Mummy said she would attend another concert of the same kind if they came to town again.

Me – The Chef

I loved baking and cooking – but I don’t get to do it very often because my parents are really busy.  When Grammie was around, she bakes with me but since she is gone, no one does it with me anymore.  Grampie does fudge with me but it’s not the same as doing baking with Grammie.  Today, daddy decided to make chocolate mousse, so I am helping him.  Don’t I looked like a lil’ chef here.  The chef hat is from mama’s friend in UK – it’s a little small for me now – but it’s ok – I can still wear it.