Bruises From School

Guess who wasn’t impresed with the bruises I brought home from school?  yes my MOM!  she was pretty upset when she saw the bruises and I had to explain to her how I got the bruises.

You see the boys in class shoved me a few days ago, while they were getting out of class and i hit against the table – and I received some bruises.

Mummy found some behind my legs too and I couldn’t remembered how I got this one – so she was not very happy with it either.  Mama asked daddy to write to my school teacher to inform her about the bruises, so that she can watch out for me and let the boys know not to be so rough.

Happy Mother’s Day To My Teachers

Yes! as usual – mama bought carnations for all my teachers, PSAs and ladies in the school – even for Ms Patsy – my favorite lady in the canteen. Mama said we have to thank them all for taking care of so many children for the better part of the day everyday – they are really just like my mummy in school.  I loved school and all my teachers and mummy always tries to do the best for the school.

Swimming In The Summer

It’s not summer yet but the weather had been so good, we all headed out to mama’s good friend’s house to swim, they have  electric swimming pool heaters  so we don’t have to worry if the water was cold.   I loved their swimming pool because it’s huge compared to the one we had at home last year and they are so nice and told us to come anytime we want.

Mama’s good friend stays out of town and because mama don’t drive, we had to wait for daddy’s day off to go.  They don’t have other kids in their home as they are all grown up, so I can invite my friends to swim with me the next time they suggested.   But I don’t mind swimming alone and playing with my toys in the pool, just as long as there is an adult with me.


I’m On Local Paper

Photo By Carla Allen

I had so much fun at the paper event – and won some stuff too !  thanks to Kathy from M & Ms meat shop for picking the prizes for me and for the reporter Carla Allen for taking such a nice picture of me.

Me  – checking out the different papers on display.

Me at an origami workshop with daddy.  Mummy and Auntie Hyunjin went looking around for some good stuff to buy.