Helping My Aunt Move

I helped my Auntie H cleaned her new apartment because I want to be a good girl and because Auntie H doesn’t have anyone in town to help her.  So between mama and I – we try to co-ordinate many people to help Auntie H moving house a smooth transition.  I want to be like my mama and helping everyone who needs help.  But of course, after helping Auntie H, I have to play with boxes too !  too bad Layla isn’t around to play in Auntie H’s new apt.

Music Lessons For The Summer

Yes!  my tiger mom told my piano teacher that she wants me to continue taking piano lessons even during summer ! so now my piano classes is on Tuesdays at my piano teacher’s home.  Lucky for me, she will accommodate us and let me go for classes at a time convenient to daddy.  So I went to her home for the first time and lo and behold, she has all kinds of musical instruments in her home including a getzen .

As you know I love playing the trumpet, and I’ve seen the same kind of trumpet before in my Uncle’s home in Halifax.  Mummy said that I can learn how to play the trumpet if I liked when I’m older or when I’ve mastered playing the piano.  I’m so excited now but in the meantime, I’m going to practice my piano everyday and hopefully, mummy would see how good I am and let me play the trumpet too.

Home Made Pure Maple Syrup

We don’t know what to get for all my teachers to thank them for being so great with me this year  – so mama decided to buy some home made maple syrup from Grampie – for my teachers.  Yes, my grampie made these maple syrup and i helped mama to make them pretty before giving them to my teachers.  All my teachers will get it inclusive of my librarian as well as the canteen lady – because they are all so good to me.

PS :  We forgot to bring it to school, so mama has to hunt my teachers down to give it to them.  But my home room teacher will get another special gift.

Silver Dollar

Uncle Billy showed me some silver dollars the other day and asked if I wanted to collect them as he was clearing some of his older stuff out of his house.  You see Uncle Billy is getting a little old now and he is moving to a nursing home – so he needed to downsize.  But what do a 9 yrs old know about silver dollars right?

Uncle Billy told me that if I ever collect a 1979 silver dollar  that would be worth some money but the older the silver dollar are the more money they are worth.   So from now on – I’m going to be looking out for silver dollars that are old and collect them. Collecting silver dollars are my new hobby now and daddy said it’s definitely more money in it than collecting stones.

Movie Snacks For Class

It’s movie day tomorrow at school and guess what mama and I whipped up for my class ?  a snack box for 25 kids – yup!  all for $41  filled with candies and chocolates plus cookies for all.  I helped mama do the distribution and packing them all up after my shower.

And I fold up the boxes and placed them all nicely in a box.

Everyone in the class will get one – I hope they like their snack boxes.

Cleaning The House

Cleaning the house is usually mama’s job but sometimes she is very busy and the house doesn’t get clean as often as she liked.  So daddy decided to check out  the other woman house cleaning  services to help mama out on days when she is too busy to do it herself.   That way mama doesn’t get all exhausted and grumpy and then rushing to get to visit grampie during the weekend.  Plus most importantly, daddy will get a day’s rest too instead of having to help mama.  It’s a win-win situation and you don’t have to have someone clean your house everyday but a weekly basis is great for a family my size.  And if you are on vacation, they can even walk your dog for you and feed them.  Now that could come in real handy for a lot of people in my neighborhood, for they all have doggies.

Lunch With Layla @ Jungle Jims

Layla and I are having lunch together at Jungle Jims with our moms and even though Layla doesn’t like meat – she ate some grilled sandwich whenever she goes out to eat.   Layla said she is a vegetarian but her mom wants her to eat some meat – so sometimes she will eat the meat just to please her mom.

I’m going to miss Layla a lot when she moves away to Ottawa in a few weeks, therefore, we are spending as much time as possible with layla and auntie Jackie – and of course cute Shantal.  i’m going to miss Shantal a lot too.

Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen is in the midst of a renovation right now because mama wants a dishwasher and a mixer lift for the kitchen.  We entertained our friends a lot so a dish washer is long overdue but recently, mummy had been doing a lot of baking, so a mixer lift is important to the kitchen as well.  Having a mixer lift saves a lot of space in the kitchen and storing it away makes it easier for mama when she is done using it.  For those who wants a mixer lift like mama, go  here for mixer lift  – you can order them online and it’s easy to install, even daddy could do it on his own.