Imitating Hannah Montana

As a kid I loved Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus, I grew up watching her every tv show and I still loved her very much.   This summer, I had planned to have a singing group with my friends from my neighborhood but one of them moved away, so we are left with only 2 of us here.  Unfortunately, mummy wouldn’t get us the wireless microphone headset  like the ones I saw on one of Hannah Montana shows because she said those are for professional singers only.   So I guess for now we have to sing with only our plastic microphones till we are old enough to get them for ourselves.

At Cape Fochu

We went to the lighthouse in Cape Fochu with mom and dad and even though it seems like we didn’t do alot yet this summer, looking back at all the pictures, my daddy and mummy does do as much as they can with me.  So I shouldn’t complain at all – I think but I always do complain that they don’t spend enough time with me – but it’s actually not true as you can see in all my pictures in this blog.

Me hanging around while waiting for my food to come.

A family picture again ! woohoo!

Me with my mini – ipad – the wifi at Cape Forchu is very weak – it goes in and out sometimes.

Dad Is Fixing My Computer

 My daddy is fixing my computer again, because I think I might have clicked on something that I shouldn’t but luckily I have a  system shield antispyware  in my computer.   So that helps a lot if I do click on something I shouldn’t because this antispyware helps keeps things that are not supposed to be on my computer at bay.  Daddy said, it’s a great software to have when you have kids using your computers or if they have their own computers.  I would love to have a new computer but daddy said I don’t need a new one as of yet since I’m only 9 years old and for the stuff I use my computer for, there is no need for a expensive one but definitely need anti-spyware software as well as anti-viruses software.

I’m A Lobster !

I was in the children’s parade for seafest with the summer camp – and I am a lobster in the parade because the theme for this year’s seasfest is “Flavors of the Sea” .  So I’m a lobster flavor hahha!!  That’s Ollie – one of my friends from school.  Happy that he is in camp with me.

I had fun but we didn’t get to go on the bouncy castle because we had to sit and rest.  What a bummer!  now I didn’t like that!

A Crooked House

We have been looking for an outdoor playhouse for this summer because I wanna draw in it and sell my artwork in it – my artwork company is called Art for Everything.  I loved to draw and sometimes, I get to auction off my drawings when I am in Grampie’s home and I make the money and uses them to buy artwork supplies.  Sometimes I have a friend who comes and plays with me and sometimes I do it on my own but it would be fun to have a kid playhouse.

Unfortunately, this playhouse is like $1800 after taxes, so daddy said it’s way too expensive and even mama says that – so if my mama says that too it has to be expensive. I’m still waiting for Grampie to get my playhouse together, lets hope he gets it done before I’m too old to play in them.


Last week mama and I went to watch the Minions – well you know that movie show – Despicable Me 2 at the movie theater alone !  this is the first time we went for a show on our own.  Usually, we go with our friends like other kids but since no one was available, we went on our own.  It was fun and we had a blast ! mama and I.

Today, we went to Macdonald’s to get a meal and we got these with our Happy meal.  Mama said that in Asia, people – like grown ups fight for these minions – now how silly is that?  I’m but 9 yrs old but I will never destroy someone’s property or fight with the counter girls for minions!

A Walk On The Ocean

I love taking walks like that with my daddy, we don’t get to do it often but when we do I treasure it always.  It’s always the bestest days in my week when I can spend alone time with my daddy and mummy.  I love my aunt but spending alone time with only daddy and mummy is what i loved most.

Grass Fun

We were all having fun together one sunday morning and we buried Gracie with grass, she was such a good sport  and let us do that.  We had so much laugh that day and Gracie was really cute and most important thing is she had fun.  If she didn’t had fun, I wouldn’t do it to her.

A Day On The Beach

A day on the beach with family and friends because Godma Lynn came back from Toronto and like every year, we have a family BBQ  but this year we had it at the beach because the lodge don’t have water.  The beach is so much more fun – I played with the sand, got wet and ate a little.

These are Uncle George and John’s friends and kids – they let me buried them in the sand – they are so much fun.

Mama said what a sport the kids are.

And his father Kevin is funny too – he is very playful as well.

I hope they come visit Uncle George and John more so that we can play together.