Trombone Lessons

I saw my friend in the summer camp playing the Trombone for our talent show, so I want to learn how to play a trombone too because it looks like so much fun.  Plus, the trombone is so small, I can carry it with me just about anywhere and anytime.   Daddy found some excellent p-bone at musician’s friend and they are not expensive too, so if I am still interested in learning how to play a trombone, mummy would look for a teacher to teach me and daddy will order online for me.   I can’t wait to start my trombone lessons, that way I can play for the summer camp next year.

Upper Clements Park

This is my first time to Upper Clements Park and the reasons are either my parents were too busy or because I was too scared to take rides because I didn’t have a friend to go with.  So this year, mama invited Jessica and her entire family to Clement’s Park with us and I had a blast!  This is Jessica and I.

Gift shop at Upper Clement’s park.

Our entourage minus mama and daddy who were taking pictures of us.

Jessica and I taking the train ride which at first we were scared but we weren’t later after we saw how calm the train ride was.

Another train ride.

I had fun ! when I didn’t dare go to the one in Crystal Palace.

I didn’t go on this although Jessica did , she was definitely braver.

Yah! i went on a Merry-go -Round – carousel !!!

In fact, I liked it so much – I went on it again!  next year I bet I can do more!

I also did the kart biking!

Jervis wanted to go on it but his legs weren’t long enough.

Waiting for Peddle boat with Jessica.

Here we go paddling.

But I didn’t listen to mom and dad and went round and round till mom and dad shouted instructions to me.  I should learn to listen and not be Miss know it all.  We were there till 7pm – so played for like 4 hrs – not bad considering but next year we’ve gotta be there like at opening time, so that we can go on rides a few times.

A Visit To My Old Aunt Home

I’ve always loved to go visiting with mom and dad because they bring me to some interesting places during the weekend.  Last weekend, we visited an old Aunt in a home, these homes are places where they take care of older people who don’t want to live alone.  I loved visits like that because they have several  stairway lifts  that I can play with although mom frowns on it whenever I asked very politely to try out the stairway lifts.   But my old Aunt always tells me to hop on the stairway lifts and go for a ride.  After that, she always gives me some money to get candies for myself.  I had a wonderful visit and I will visit her again really soon.

The Clay Place In Halifax

So we are up in Halifax again – and it wasn’t planned but as usual I wanted to go to the clay place but since we weren’t going to be in Halifax for long, once again, I cannot do anything.  As usual mummy promised another time.

So we will have to try again another time.  Daddy just don’t like staying in the city for too long.

There was no one there.

Some of the work one can do with this clay place like magnets.

Or tiles.

More tiles.

Hopefully, one day I will get to make my own creation because I loved to do it.