Picture Day At School

It was picture day in school a few days ago, and I wore a cheong sum that my godma Lina sent to me all the way from Singapore like I do every year.  But the photographer took like a few student’s picture and the camera was broken, so I didn’t get to have my picture taken.

I wasn’t too happy because I didn’t wanna wear my cheong sum to school again as it was quite uncomfy. I love it but I don’t like to wear it for school, I like to wear it for special occasions only.

My First Airshow

We headed for the airshow with Auntie Hyunjin and this is my first airshow.  We were hoping to see Cousin Mark who is with the Skyhawks.  Cousin Mark is with the Warrant Officer, a Canadian Army advanced warfare centre instructor but he was no where to be found – what a bummer!

But we did enjoy the airshow tremendously and everyone was there – Jasmine, Hannah and Kylie and some of my school friends were there too.  The zhu’s were there but we didn’t see them.

Mom took some pictures for the flying aircraft.

Candies For Anti Bullying Walk

The anti bullying walk is today and normally, we past by the store, so I asked mummy to get some candies for my school and of course, mama enough candies to feed the whole school.  But we took another route this year – muahahah!! poor mama waited and waited for us with Auntie Hyunjin but we didn’t show up.  Oh well, these candies can be used for the store then.

Apples and Pears For School

We went to Wallace Apple Farm to get apples and pears for my classmates.  Every year mom and dad would go to the apple farm and get lots of apple every week for my friends and teachers.

Pears were for my teachers but some of my friends wanted pear too, so the next time, we will be getting some pears for them too.   I love bringing treats for my friends and teachers because they are all so nice to me.