Baking For Halloween

This Halloween, Aunt Helena decided to bake with me for my classmates in school.  I loved baking very much, so I quickly washed my hands and got down to work.  Aunt Helena would measure all the ingredients and I helped her mashed everything together.

She put the eggs in and I did the stirring.

I love shifting the flour just like how Grammie used to teach me.

And some salt to put in.

Stir, stir , stir I go.

Now to scoop them with a spoon into the baking pan after buttering the pan.

And into the oven for only 10 minutes and viola ! all done and cooling.

Icing done by me.

And some sprinkles on the cookies.  I made one without the chocolate because one of my classmate don’t like chocolate.

Here’s my finished cookies – they were awesome!

New Drapes For Halloween

A Halloween party on Halloween day this year ! woohoo!  I’m as excited as my mom and mom is not only decorating the house but also looking for burlap drapes  for the windows.  I don’t want it to be too spooky but I want it to be unique, so this weekend, I’m helping mummy with the decorating.  We’ve invited some friends and family for the Halloween party and we are all going to dress up for the party.  I’m going to be a Vampire for Halloween and mom will be a jailbird.  Daddy haven’t quite decided what he wants to dress up as but Auntie Hyunjin is going to be my pet cat for Halloween.  I’m very happy and very excited as well.

A Shed

This year, we had a lot done around the house, from a playhouse for me to a shed for daddy.  And we bought a cottage and booked a holiday to Japan.  Yes, a lot of things going on for us this year.  When are we leaving for Japan?  I think during the Christmas break when school is taking a break.  Mama wants to go visit her cousin.

Clay Erasers From Japan

Woohoo! some clay erasers from Japan just came in for me from Mama’s friend.  But I want some more for my friends in school, so mama is going to order some online for me to share with my friends.  My mom just loved doing stuff like that for me and my friends – I’m so lucky.  A few weeks ago, my mom brought Happy Meals for my classmates in school.  And of course Apples and Pears as well whenever apple and pears are in season.  This year we were too late for plums else mama would have gotten some for my school as well.

Running Errands With Daddy


Running errands with daddy can be so fun when we are up in the city.  While mummy and her friends go shopping for their stuff, me and daddy went hunting for stuff he needed for the store and I found some  of the things that daddy needed for him.  So as a reward, I had a happy meal for lunch before heading home.   Daddy said I’m a good helper and indeed I am, I love doing things with my daddy and even though he is busy, he tries his best to let me tag a long any chance he gets.

Halifax To Send Yin Yin To Airport

We headed up to Halifax to send Jessica’s grandmother to the airport because she lives in Toronto.  The flight is on Sunday morning, so instead of driving dangerously in the wee hours of the morning, mama suggested that Aunty Yan and the kids come on Saturday with us to Halifax and stay the night.  So we arrived in Halifax at 1.45pm, and had lunch at a sushi place.  It was Jessica’s first time at Dharma sushi but my umpteen times here and the Japanese chef knows exactly what I wanted. We had so much fun eating Japanese udon and Jessica finished all her noodles but didn’t want the teriyaki chicken.

A Photo Book For My Kai Mah

My Kai Mah is so rich, there is nothing I can get for her unless it’s a $25K handbag from Birkins and she don’t only have one – she has a collection of Birkins and Hermes accessories.  But I know she will treasure my photobook as if they were $25K because she love me this much. I decorated the photobook oin my own for my Kai Mah with my favorite scrap book stickers and on it says Love U – I hope she sees it.

Mama sent it out last week by air, so hopefully Kai Mah gets it real soon and see how my summer went this year.