Decorating The Store For Christmas

Auntie Hyunjin came to help me to decorate the window for Christmas this year because Gary said he wasn’t doing it this year.   So mummy said it is ok if Gary didn’t want to do it but in my opinion Gary had been crankier than he was last year.  Poor Gary, mummy said maybe he is sick again, so it’s alright if he doesn’t feel like doing it and mummy got Auntie Hyunjin to help because her feet started hurting for no reason.  Thank God for Auntie Hyunjin!

Shopping For Christmas With Mummy

I went shopping with mummy and Auntie Hyunjin for Christmas presents for my friends, and to reward me for being so good, mama bought me a playmobil set.  This wasn’t very, very expensive, so mama was ok to buying it.  Mummy don’t like buying expensive toys for me because she doesn’t want me to be spoilt she said.

We also went to Ardene’s to get a bedroom slipper for mummy (her feet hurts), me and Auntie Hyunjin.  But Auntie Hyunjin paid for her own because of some superstitions that they have as Asians.

This is my bee slippers.

Love My Grampie

I love my grampie more and more each day. Mummy told me the other day that I have to love my grampie more because he ain’t getting any younger and that I have to spend more time with him.

Ever since Grammie passed away 2 years ago, Grampie had been stepping up, not only is he grampie, he is also grammie to me.  He tries to do stuff with me when I visit and this Halloween, he brought me a bag of goodies as a treat for Halloween.  On Easter, he hid chocolates for me for my Easter hunt at his home.  He pays for all my book orders from school since Grammie passed away.  He bakes with me – makes fudge with me.  I know he tries very hard to fill in for Grammie and because of that – I love my grampie more and more.

Thank you Grampie for being my Grampie ! you are the best grampie ever!

I Can Do Stuff On My Own Now

Yes, I can do a lot of stuff on my own now, from bathing to washing my hair and packing up goodies during Halloween for my classmates and friends.

I know how to wash my hands first and making sure that they are all packed and sealed nicely.

And I can also help clean up and pack all my things away – like my toys and drawing stuff.

Cousins Time

Jasmine isn’t really my real cousin but my mummy and her mummy are like sisters – or sisters from another mother that’s what they called themselves, so Jasmine is like my cousin she said.  My mummy loved Jasmine just like a niece and wants me to spend as much time as possible with Jasmine.  I too love Jasmine a lot and try to see her often.  We always have fun together.

Halloween Party With Friends

Yesterday was Halloween and I had a blast going for trick or treat and collected 2 bagfuls of candies and chips.  Then we went to a friend’s house for a Halloween get together and that was so fun!  It was real spooky at their place and they lots of spooky  lighting at the party and we all enjoyed it so much.

As usual we visited one of my best friend – Sara and I received a special gift bag from Sarah like I always do at Halloween.  We stayed to visit for a bit because we wanted to visit both Jessica and Jasmine – my cousins.

This house belong’s to mama’s friend – they sure take Halloween seriously and by far the best house I’ve seen in my entire life.  They have just about everything spooky and gives out the best treats.  We loved visiting this house every year – they are always so nice to us.


A witch stirring a pot of potions

Cute blow up!  My halloween was perfect, I enjoyed everything about it.