Look Who Came To Visit

Look who came all the way from Ottawa to visit?  Yes! it’s Chantal and Layla !  although I was being grouchy and didn’t get any pictures taken with Layla.  Mom wasn’t too pleased with me I’ll tell you that for misbehaving but I do love Chantal, she has grown up so much and she is awfully cute!  Layla had a sleepover with me but I was so excited I couldn’t sleep much and woke mom and dad up so much, so much so Layla can’t sleepover the next day.

School Concert 2013

I almost didn’t get to go for my school concert because the store was so busy and daddy  had to work.  Auntie H had to work too but thanks to Auntie Y who changed shift for Auntie H and therefore, we got to go for my school concert.  I had so much fun !  mama didn’t wanna disturb anyone else to take us to the concert as Auntie K forgot to bring us home one day from work and daddy had to close the store to send us home hahahha!  Now that Gary is no longer around to help, it’s mostly Auntie H who sends us home but no worries come the New Year, customer will know that we close for supper and we don’t have to disturb anyone else to send us home.  But we are grateful to Auntie H who takes time out to send us home.  Thanks ! Auntie H!

Migrate To Canada

Mummy has lots of friends from all over the world.  You see mummy used to travel for work and if you know my mom, you will also know that she makes friends easy.  Mummy still keeps in touch with her friends even though she has been in Canada for more than 10 years and many people ask mummy about migrating to Canada and/or how she migrated to Canada.

Most people wants to know how easy it is to migrate to Canada or USA and what they have to do and of course, mummy’s secret is ?  A good  immigration attorney  of course!  how else did mummy migrate so easily and effortlessly?  Well, I wouldn’t say effortlessly but mummy said that the immigration attorney helped her with all the necessary documentation and she never did have any trouble at all with migrating to Canada.

So now mummy helps out in a immigration forum, where she answers questions of those who wants to migrate to Canada and USA.  Yes, mummy has dual citizenship, therefore she can is kinda an expert in migrating.  So if you are thinking of migrating, you know who to look for now.

Term 1 Grade 4

My Term 1 Report Card came home the other day and I didn’t do too, too bad and mummy and daddy was quite pleased with me but they still think that there is room for improvement.  I think so too, so next term I’m going to try harder with my math and try to write better too.

My parents and teachers meet went very well this year and I’m happy that Auntie Hyunjin came as well because she is afterall, my aunt and she should come and be a part of my life. Oh by the way, I scored mostly As except for B in health education which my teacher explained that she gave everyone B because she didn’t spent enough time to evaluate the class this term.  I got a B in writing of course and a B in conversion which I am weak in.  The rest are As.

Batteries ! Batteries ! Batteries!

I told daddy that maybe Santa should bring me some batteries this Christmas because I need batteries for all my gadgets, from camera to controllers and also my laptop batteries.  Daddy said maybe we should tell Santa where he can get batteries and mummy pointed out that  Battery Heads here  carries all kinds of batteries for all kinds of gadgets.  Mummy knows that because she takes a lot of pictures with her digital camera and needs a good battery for her camera.  She uses the rechargeable ones and she has 3 everytime she goes out with her friends to take pictures of food and her friends. So I guess if anyone needs any kind of batteries, my mom is the person to ask.

10th Birthday Party

I had my 10th birthday party at Superstore this year and we all were chef for the day.  We made Gingerbread houses and decorated them and had games and prizes to give out.  I had like 13 friends that came and I’m so happy that all my best friends came.  Everyone invited here are friends that I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

Getting ready for decorating.

Me and my best friends.

Oliver having a blast! and i received lots of money and lots of presents – even Grampie came and Godma Lynn came from Toronto to surprise me – I’m so blessed!

Meet Jingle Eve

Meet Jingle Eve from Sandy’s gift shop.  Everyone was talking about Elf in the Shelf and I told mummy about it.  Auntie Hyunjin drove us to Sandy’s gift store and I told mummy not to buy the elf if it was too expensive.  But mummy bought it for me – Auntie Hyunjin said I’m the luckiest girl on earth and I told her I know it.

I named my elf – Jingle Eve and this was where we found Jingle Eve on the next day in the morning.  But I was so excited I woke mummy up 5 times in the night.  Daddy said that if i did that again, Jingle Eve needs to go back to North Pole, so I tried my very best and not wake up.