Music Fun At Home

Daddy and I had been spending a lot of time together on Sundays since Gary doesn’t help at the store anymore.  He tries to make quality time with me on Sundays and since we both love music so much, he bought the  exceptional band in a box  to try different music to play with me and for recording.  Sometimes, daddy friends come over and jam in the basement and they let me play with my keyboard with them.  We haven’t really explore a lot with the band in the box but daddy said that it has many good software in it that we can use together and explore together.  I love these special dates with my dad since he works so hard during the week.

My New Electronic Barbie

I picked up my new toy with my Christmas gift cards from Walmart today because the electronic barbie was on sale at 50% off.  When I first saw it during Christmas, I felt that it was way too expensive to pay so much just for a barbie even though it was pretty cool, so I didn’t get it.  I am smart this way – mama said.  But when I saw that it was half price, I asked mama if I could buy it and daddy said it was my money, so I paid for it with my Christmas gift card and started playing with it immediately.  Mom said I was a super lucky girl because they never get toys like that when they were kids.

A Snow Day

Yay! a snow day !  but i have mix feelings coz’ i love to go to school but on the other hand i love school days, that means I get to stay with mom and dad and get to play out in the school with Kyle and Gracie.

But snow days win – so I love snow days!  yay ! for snow days!  mom wouldn’t like it ahhaha!