Baking With Mummy

I loved to bake and would bake with just about anyone who wants to bake with me.  So today I insisted that mummy baked some red velvet cookies with white chocolate with me even though it was already late at night and I have to go to school the next day.

My poor mummy, she is so busy doing cleaning and working all day and she still makes time to bake with me.  Even though these are store bought baking cookies, I still love baking with mummy because the house/kitchen smell so nice after baking and the next day I can bring some to share them with my BFF.

Jackets From Children’s Place

Ever since we don’t have a Children’s Place here, we have been shopping a lot at Walmart but some things Walmart don’t have either, so mummy had to order them online for me.  But as usual, there are somethings that looked nice online but they don’t appear to fit me nicely when we get them.  We bought jackets from the Children’s place and some PJs as well, the PJs are ok except that the pants are too long for me and the jackets needs to be returned when we are up in Halifax the next time.

I think I might have to get some jackets from Justice instead in the city.  We will have to see but mummy isn’t happy that I won’t wear these 2 jackets.

New Cutlery For School

Yay!  i received new cutlery from one of mama’s many advertisers from the United States.  My mum is so famous, she just need to ask and she has good friends from all over the world to send her stuff.  We get all sorts of goodies from all those good aunties out there and as always we are always grateful for their kindness.  So now I have these cute cutlery to bring to school as my old ones are kinda old and rusty, so mummy doesn’t want me eating rust with my lunch.

Huggable Pug From Japan

I must be the luckiest  kid on earth! the things i get in the mail from mummy’s friends from all over the world! wow! it’s unbelievable!  mummy’s friend, Aunt Alice went to Japan for a vacation and she sent me a box of goodies and chocolates from Japan !!!  Now you tell me, who would have time to pick things up for someone else when they are on vacation right? and this wasn’t a small box at that – it ws a huge box of goodies that included this huggable pug to be warmed up for me to hug and go to bed with.   I’m the luckiest kid on earth.  Thank you Aunt Alice!  yer the best!  well, besides all the other aunties and kai mah who sends me boxes of goodies every year too.  Thank you all!