Lunch With Jessica

We have been wanting to have lunch with Jessica for the longest time, so this weekend, mama and Auntie Hyunjin brought us out for lunch at the Snack Place.  Jessica said this place was FANCY!  heheh!  she is too cute !  I love playing with Jessica and her brothers.

I had my usual fish and chips

And Jessica had a burger with chips.  We had a great time.


So I insisted on buying this for y tamagochi but apparently this is different, luckily it’s from the dollar store and only cost me $1.  Mama  already told me that it’s different but I didn’t believe her, so I’m slowly learning from my mistake I guess.

Cheap Printing

As you all know I have a business at my daddy’s store.  It’s called Art for Everything, I not only sell paintings that I draw and paint, I also make rainbow loomz of bracelets and charms.  I’ve been asking for business cards like my daddy’s but have yet gotten them from mummy, even though she said she would order it for me.

Mama said that at  I can get cheap printing done for my business cards soon, so hopefully, I can get my business cards soon, that way I can give them out to people ho wants to contact me.  And maybe, daddy can get his business cards here in the near future to save some money.

A Robotic Fish Reward

Well, I didn’t get straight As for my Term 2 – what a bummer!  but I did get 8 As and 4 Bs for Term 2 and after a good Parents and Teacher’s meet today with my home room teachers, mummy brought me to Sandy’s gift shop to buy this Robotic fish.  I didn’t know I was getting them till we arrived in the shop – of course! i’m very happy!

I had been wanting a robotic fish for a month now but Sandy’s didn’t have it and I had forgotten about it but not my mummy ! even though she pretends that she isn’t getting anything special for me, she always remembers what I want and gets them for me if they were on sale.

I loved my robotic fish and played with it the entire afternoon.

Honey Bear And Coconut’s Birthday

It’s Honey Bear’s and Coconut’s birthday today ! and we are having a celebration at Grampie’s and Aunt Helena’s house.  Aunt Helena made icing for me to put on the cake and I put all sorts of sprinkles on the car and had a candle lit up and birthday song sang to both Honey Bear and Coconut.  Everyone had a piece of birthday cake as well as Uncle Richard.  I’m so happy I got to celebrate my bear’s birthday because I was inspired by this youtube lamb that I’ve been watching of late.  The lamb is called Lambie.