Geometry Test


I have a geometry test next week, so my mummy made me and dad practice my geometry and after a few hours, we took a break and went for ice cream.   So we headed out to the old mill and got some soft serve ice cream for me and dad.


The small size ice cream was pretty large even for daddy.


So mummy took some from my ice cream for I can’t finished it.  But after my ice cream, I had to go back home to practice my piano.  My mom is a slave driver, she said that if i don’t get an A for geometry, daddy and I will be in big trouble.

Loving Jungle Jim’s


So I’ve been eating a lot at Jungle Jim’s ever since they re-opened.  I loved the old Jungle Jim’s and miss their old wait staff, but the new one is good too.  I eat my usual fish and chips or monkey fingers with a juice and ice cream.


See how much I loved Jungle Jim’s???

Tooth Fairy Time


My caps finally came out with my tooth !  thank God!  because I was in pain and it was making me feel so uncomfy.  So when it did finally come out I was so happy.  So I sat to write to the tooth fairy, hoping that she would give me double the money because it’s a cap with a tooth.


Mummy said she don’t think it works that way, but one can always hope I told her.  So I placed my cap and tooth in the little box that mummy bought for me from Sandy’s gift store because I was afraid that the tooth fairy might come and I might be awake.


So here is where I store all my tooth that is ready for pick up by my tooth fairy.  I’m hoping for $10 from the tooth fairy tonite !!

Thank You, Kai Mah Lina!


Last month Aunty Regina sent a huge box of goodies for mummy and I.  And today, I received a huge box of toys and goodies from my Kai Mah from Singapore.  Kai Mah is Godmother is cantonese.  I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to open the box when I saw it at the store.


It’s like Christmas every month for me, everyone of mama’s friends or Kai mah would send me gifts from all over the world.  I’m such a lucky girl I know.

Frozen Yogurt My Favorite


Manda’s Frozen yogurt is currently my favorite dessert.  Mama, Auntie Hyunjin and I go there like 3 times a week.  It’s so yummy, and I get to choose whatever I want to put inside my frozen yogurt.  I told mummy, I want to have my birthday party here.