On Marking Days


 On marking days when there is no school and no camp yet, I go to my daddy’s store for most of the day, till mummy has to go back at 5pm.  I can go home with daddy for lunch at 2.30pm but I usually don’t because I want to stay with mummy at the store.   This time, I made my own erasers that mummy had bought for me from the Dollar Store and I’m happy to work with it the entire day because I can give some to my friends in school and the rest I can sell at the store.


My own creation – how do you like it?

I’m Sick Again !

Yes, I must have caught mama’s cold and playing out in the rain wasn’t such a good idea, even though I thought it was a good idea then.  But I’ve been sick for a few days now and yesterday I didn’t do anything but lie down on the couch at the store while mama and daddy worked.

But I’m feeling much better today and am able to sit up , so I’ll be ready for school on Tuesday , that’s for sure.

Hair Cut For Summer


I had a hair cut at Corrie Bain’s although I didn’t want a hair cut.  I’m not a happy camper with my hair cut because it’s now way too short for me to tie up my hair in a pony tail.  Everyone is telling me I looked really nice – but I’m not happy about it , even though mama said it is good for me as i sweat a lot during the summer as I’m so active and loves to play outdoors all the time.

Skateboard & Accessories


Look what my grampie got for me !!!  a skateboard! woohoo!! well, actually, mama bought it and I asked Grampie if he would pay for it hahhaa!! yes, I hustled my grampie again for a gift.  And daddy went to get me all the knee guard, elbow guard and the works.  I’m loving it and am having fun with it , especially since I didn’t have to go to school since last Friday because of an oil spill in school.