My First Recital

 I had my first recital a few weeks ago at Beacon church on a very beautiful piano  and it sounded so good, mama was really impressed with it.  Mama said that she is going to buy a better piano for me this summer, so I’m looking forward to going shopping with her and my daddy and get a piano.

Mummy said that she wants to get something that is good but not too, too expensive for me because she is afraid that I might not continue with my piano many years from now.  But she really hopes that I will because it is such a beautiful instrument to learn as both my mummy and daddy plays a few songs too.

Nova My Friend Came To Visit


My friend from home and school , Nova came to visit me about a week ago.  We spent the day together because she leaves the next day with her mom and brother.  I missed Nova very much, because she is a very good friend.  We play well together and we share the same interest.  Thank you Nova for coming to visit me in Yarmouth.

Ice Cream At New Ice Cream Store


Summer is here and daddy and I have to check out the new ice cream place in Hebron.  Well, it isn’t new , new but they have new owners.  Although, the new owner was there, she didn’t say hi to us while cleaning the glass windows, so sad!  But I loved the ice cream, it tasted richer than the previous ones , so we will be visiting more often.

So for those who haven’t been to Hebron’s ice cram place yet, you have to go check it out and support the new business – according to my mom.

Summer Camp Here I Come !

catsSummer camp starts today and I’m all ready to go in the morning.  Mummy said that I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to but I WANNA GO !  i loved summer camp and I can’t wait to see my best friend Josie from camp.  I hope that she will be attending the entire camp like I am.

Of course, I wouldn’t be going to the beach because I can’t go to the outhouses and won’t pee in the sea – that  is just so grossed.  So I am going to be enjoying summer camp to the max!  I love all the people at summer camp.