Chompy Died Today !


I went downstairs to feed my fishes this morning and found Chompy my oldest and longest gold fish dead!  I almost cried but didn’t but I’m terribly upset.  Mom and dad said that they will get me a new gold fish tomorrow to stop me from feeling sad and mom said that Chompy has gone to heaven to be with grammie.  But I said to mom that grammie already has a lot of my gold fishes ! she don’t need anymore !

A Fun Day At Upper Clements Park


We left the house at about 10.20am and picked up Jessica for a day at Upper Clements.  Mom and dad took the day off and Jeff helped us looked after the store.   Mom and dad wanted me to have some fun at Upper Clements before going back to school.  I went on so many rides this year, mummy and daddy were really impressed.


My first time trying out the antique car and I liked it even though I had a hard time maneuvering it.


I loved the pedal go kart !


We loved the merry go round rides too.