Christmas Decorations

Halloween isn’t here yet and my mom wants to get some more  christmas decorations  for the store nad home now.   Mom said it’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas for she already started today, with buying some presents for my friends.  My mom has christmas decorations that she haven’t used and she still wants more christmas decorations, but daddy never stop my mom from buying anything , so maybe this year, she will put up some new decorations for the store and our home.

A Kodak Moment


My daddy rarely smile , so whenever he is in a playful mood, mummy tries to catch it on camera , so that we can get some good memories in the future.  And this is one of those rare occasion mom caught daddy smiling.


My daddy eating my head.

A Bicycle Accident


I fell down again and this time it’s from the bike, the last time it was from the scooter.  This time the injury was even worst, I couldn’t get up and I was bleeding so much, my friend Cole had to go get my mom to come help me.  And Cole was such an awesome friend, he tried to fix my bicycle for me and bring it near to my house for my mom.  He and my other friends and their moms came over to see if I was alright after daddy came home from work.  But I was so grouchy because I was crying and all and didn’t want anyone seeing that.  But I’m grateful I have great neighborhood friends.  Cole, Libby, Kyle and Gracie – they are all wonderful kids.  Mom said she wishes that we all get along and not fight.   But we are afterall kids and it’s alright we all get over our fights.


Start Of 5th Grade


First day of school and I’m all excited and of course mummy made me draw a sign like her friend’s from Vancouver but the artist in me had to draw it my own way and it’s perfect as usual.   I’m going to have the same teachers as last year and if you know me, you know I love both my teachers from last year.  So I’m going to have a wonderful year.  Mrs E is so awesome !!  I just love seeing her every day.  And Mrs B, is like my grammie – I just love her as well.

I Held A Baby Day !


Yay!  i held a baby finally!  this baby is a twin , Auntie Huijing came to visit from Petawawa and brought Kai and her twins to visit us here in Yarmouth.  Her baby girls were so cute and I wanted to hold them so bad and Auntie Huijing said it’s ok.  See the baby didn’t cry at all.  I didn’t hold her for long but long enough to love to babysit them when they are older and when they move back to Yarmouth in a few years.

Jessica’s 8th Birthday


Jessica is like a cousin to me – not the real kinda cousin but nevertheless, her mom and my mom are like sisters , so we are like cousins.  Anyhow, it’s her 8th birthday and Jessica asked her mom if she could have it on a Saturday, so that I can attend her birthday too because Sundays are Grampie and Aunt Helena’s days, so I won’t be able to go if it was held on Sunday.   Jessica had her birthday at Macdonald’s with some friends and her brothers, we had a really great time eating and playing.


We each had a cupcake birthday cake too ! yummy!!