Vlogging Mic


So mummy had been vlogging a lot lately because she is working with youtube and is loving it.  But like all my mom’s new adventures , it only means more gadgets.  So the latest and the newest is this  samson meteor mic  and I’m having a lot of fun with it too because I want to make my own vlog for Minecraft!

 Mummy was using a cheap mic at first but the recording and output for the video sounds didn’t come out just right, so she looked for something better but at a reasonable price.  Mom said that this good looking mic is less than $100 USD and it comes with  a stand and all the wires for USB socket to the computer or anything that has a USB plug in them.   Both mom and I are loving it especially mom because now her vlog comes out really well.

Apples For The Teachers


Yes, apples for my teachers  – all the teachers in my school and i specially picked each one of them on my own on Thanksgiving Monday.  The apple farm isn’t open for the public but because the owners were grammie’s long time friends, mummy had asked if it was ok to go pick and they said yes.  The Zhu’s went as well and met us there, we headed to Grampie’s for a short visit and then to our cottage at the beach too.  We then had supper at the Zhu’s .  We had hot pot dinner and I had so much fun playing with Jessica, Jervin and Jervis.  Daddy came to pick us up but not before the Japanese teacher taught us how to make paper origami.

At The Music Store With Daddy


We were in the city shopping for my piano but instead daddy had his own agenda, he wanted to buy a  vox amplug  for his electric guitar.   Unfortunately, the piano/music store didn’t have any , so daddy had to hunt it down and eventually found one online and on sale too.  Now he can rock and roll with me !   Well, not till I’ve learned some rock and roll songs.  For now, I’m only playing classical tunes but daddy is getting better at playing his electric guitar.  He practices on Sundays and anytime he gets an evening off, while I have to practice my piano daily except on sundays.  But because daddy plays his electric guitar on Sundays, I too join in and play a tune or two just for fun.

6 Bags Of Toys


Yes! my mummy trashed 6 bags worth of my toys from the tv room upstairs and the kitchen.  6 whole bags !  and she took an entire Sunday to do it!!  And it was hard work , I had to tell mummy that i loved her while she go through everything for me and I went out to play with my neighbor.


She is not done yet she said because there is the basement and also the corners of the upstairs rooms.


They are also throwing away my doll house but it`s falling apart on the roof.


Papers, drawing, toys, bags.


So this is how it looks like at one corner of the kitchen but mummy said she ain`t done yet.

2 Book Cases


This is our upstairs tv room , where mummy have friends and family over for chit chat but this is also my playroom when my friends come and visit and mummy doesn`t want me to be cold, so she would ask us to play inside this room.


I have 2 bookcases full of my books and all kinds of art and craft things inside these book cases and mummy just cleaned it out and de-cluttered my book shelves.  But soon i will be getting more book shelves in our computer room because i love reading and mummy and daddy loves buying books for me.  They liked it when i read a lot and makes sure i read at least 6 days a week.