Learning My Timetables

Yes, mom is making me learn my timetables again because I have already forgotten some.  So I covered, 2, 3, 9, 8 and I’m doing 7 today.  I took half an hour to learn my 8 timetable and I already know the trick to mastering my 9 timetable and now my 7 is almost done.  I should finish learning  all my timetables once again really soon.

Mom said she is really proud of me for picking them up so quickly but she said that she knows all her timetables when she was 9 years old , so I should do better than her.



I have many hobbies and one of them is making bracelets and other stuff with my rainbow looms.  Mom doesn’t like me on the computer when I’m at the store during the weekend, so besides doing reading and some math work, I have to do drawing and rainbow loom before I can play some mine craft.  I then sell them at the store and save the money for college.  Mom said, I’m not getting into debt to go to college, therefore they started saving for me when I was very young and now that I’m older, I can also save up.

I Wasn’t Bullying ……..


 I tell mom I wasn’t bullying my friend if I didn’t want to talk or friend her no more because she abandoned me first.  But mom explained that it is ok if my friend wanted to do something else and not want to do things with me.  But I wasn’t bullying !  In fact, the next day when I asked my friend how I was bullying her so that I won’t do it again and hurt her feelings, she replied that she didn’t know *slap forehead*.  So how would I know what I shouldn’t do with her that she considered bullying ?   So in order to avoid any misunderstanding, I will try not to upset my friend in any way even if she upsets me, it’s ok?  Mom said to try not to upset my friend and I said ok.