Ms Hailey Where Are You?


Dear Hailey,

You have been gone since summer and you promised to write to me and be penpals.  Have you forgotten about me already?  We were friends since Grade Primary , I didn’t forget you , in fact I think of you often and miss you very much.  I wished you were still in town and school isn’t the same without you.  I miss you my best friend forever, please call and write to me and let me know that you are alright.

Love Chloe.


  1. Chloe

    Hi haley, im glad you haven’t forgotten me and im good how about you? And will you get Face Book soon? so we can be friends on it and talk?

  2. Chloe

    And if you want to talk to me, just tell me here because i have marked this and will check it every morning to see if you talked 😀

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